Alli-O w Oregano & Camu-Camu


The New Allicin Formula is a Powerful Virus amd Germ Fighter
"Proven to Have STRONG Immune Support Properties"

The unique ability of Allicin to increase the effectiveness of other ingredients is shown in the new Affinity formula.

The new Allicin formula at Affinity is the Alli-Oregano formula. It is made up of Allicin, Oregano, and Camu-Camu.

Both Oregano and Camu-Camu (this is the densest source of vitamin C known) are powerful products by themselves. Allicin alone has well documented benefits. When Allicin is mixed with oregano and Camu-Camu, they become much more powerful and their benefits are enhanced by 30%! 

This is an extremely advantageous and effective combination. With the news reporting the inability of antibiotics to combat infections, such as MSRA, and the limited effects of Flu shots & other viral threats, this is also a timely combination.

Try Completely Risk Free!

Alli-O w Oregano & Camu-Camu


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