Hidden Treasures Aromatherapy Candle
6 oz. size

Hidden Treasures Aromatherapy Candles

Hidden Treasures Candle

Our Aromatherapy candles are scented with 100% natural high quality essential oils and made with all natural soy wax.

Within each candle we have included gemstones. Our gem supplier, has been very generous with the stones. One gemstone he put in a candle is valued at over $1,000.00! He’s included a number of others that are worth $100’s each. As a result, those who have ordered candles are very happy and are spreading the news quickly.

One Associate, Amanda, got a 42 carot Citrine. The stone was so big, she thought it was fake! That was until she showed it to her jeweler who assured her it was real! As for the $1,000.00 dollar stone, we haven’t heard who’s gotten that one yet. It could be you!

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Hidden Treasures Aromatheraphy Candle


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