WOMENS HEALTH.... Abdominal Fat, Bad Sex, Low Energy Levels, and Heart Disease.

Abdominal Fat

If you are like most women, you probably think you have a few extra pounds to lose. Losing weight makes you look younger and sexier in your clothes and helps turn heads when you wear that new swimsuit at the beach or those tight outfits that you need to "hang" right that show every curve (and flaw). All fat is not created equal, however. Men gather fat primarily on their stomachs (upper abdomen) and chest areas. Women gather fat primarily on their upper and lower abdomen areas and down into their crotches, hips, waist, thighs & buttocks. When fat needs extra places to go its the back of the arms in the tricep area. How unequal between the sexes!

The fat you collect on your butt, legs & arms looks bad, but the fat you put on your middle is deadly! Scientists discoverd that having high amounts of abdominal fat increases the risk of heart disease, saps energy levels, and ruins your sex life.

In the past, most 20, 30, and 40-something year old women didn't have a lot of abdominal fat - but that's changing (just look around). Lack of exercise and poor diet, now common among Americans, changes your metabolism so that you pack on more fat in your abdomen. Women over 50 naturally store more fat in their tummies, so they have to be especially carefully to avoid the bad health effects of abdominal fat.

The most dangerous abdominal fat is the kind you can't see - the fat inside the abdominal cavity that surrounds your internal organs. Even lean women can carry too much fat inside their abdominal cavities. That's right - you may be thin on the ouside but fat on the inside. In general, though women who have abdominal fat you CAN see, carry the most internal fat. You might say, "so what; if nobody can see it, I'm not going to worry about it." Bad idea. That extra abdominal fat might account for why you feel so tired all the time or why you don't get any satisfaction in bed. It may ultimately kill you! Abdominal fat is linked to heart attack in adult women ages 40-60.

You can decrease abdominal fat and fight the metabolic problem in your body that causes it. When you understand how to prevent abdominal fat buildup, you feel and look great, have better sex and develop a healthy metabolism that can fight heart disease.

Problems with fatique and sex are increasing in American women at a time when obesity rates have skyrocketed. In the past fives years, the number of obese and overweight people in some states has increased by more than 100 percent. That's an astounding figure that can't be blamed on our genes! We are eating too much and not getting enough exercise. Insulin resistance and abdominal fat cause another problem even more serious than energy and sex problems - heart disease.

Fighting Abdominal Fat and Insulin Resistance

Your genes have a strong influence on whether or not you're fat. However, since obsesity rates have climbed mainly during the past 50 years, it's highly unlikely the genes alone account for the obesity epidemic. Genes take generations to change. More likely, change in lifestyle account for the rapid increae in abdominal fat and insulin resistance epidemic are lack of exercise and overeating.
If you carry a lot of fat around your middle, chances are you have problems with insulin metabolism. Here are a few things you can do to fight abdominal fat and insulin resistance:

  • Exercise every day. Try to accumlate 30 minutes of physical exercise per day. Go for 20-minute walks and finish the 30-minutes by parking further from work, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Health clubs are booming these days. Consider joining one and use the variety of exercise equipment and aerobics classes. It is suggested that you supplement any exercise plan with a "healthy" weight loss product. There so many fad and drug weight loss products on the market today that lead to bad health (or just don't do nothing for weight loss) and these should not be combined with exercise. Stored fat that's been on the body for years can be be hard to move and lose. That's why a weight loss product should be used as a supplement for success and to prevent discouragement when exercise by itself fails!
  • Lose weight with a good diet plan. Herbal100 offers great natural drug-free products - The One Day Diet and the New "Lose and Snooze" weight lose formula. Both of these products are effective plus they take the pain and suffering out of losing weight! They are formulated with your metabolism in mind as well as reducing body fat. See them in the Herbal Weight Loss Page.
  • Make changes in your diet. We can slip into eating habits that are not good for us. Eat more fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Finally, get some exercise combined with healthy weight loss supplements, and minimize the refined sugars and saturated fats you eat (our weight loss products are designed to do that), and you will begin to lose abdominal fat, perk up your energy level, and liven up your activites in the bedroom!

If You needed a reason for reducing the FAT, try the ones above!!

Information supplied for this page is from: For Women - Fitness Rx Mag. - Abdominal Fat - August 2002 issue.

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