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Some Info About Herbs and Herbal Products!

What is an herb?

    An herb is any plant material that's used to alleviate unwanted symptoms or boost overall health.

Why use herbs?

    Herbs work to return the body to health.
    Herbs have a specific effect on the body. For example, the herb Ginkgo Biloba enhances circulation in the blood vessels, body, eyes & brain.
    Herbs have fewer if any side effects. This can not be said of drugs. Viagra is a drug that has many side effects. Some of these side effects can cause permanent physical damage and even death. I recently saw a TV advertisment for some drug for hay fever. At the end of the ad they ran off a list of un-pleasant side effects that greatly out-numbered the good effects. You would have to be really desperate for hay fever relieve to put up with the side effects from this product.

What is herbal medicine?

    Herbal medicine is the therapeutic use of medicinal plants as substitutes for drugs. Herbal medicine uses plants, plant extracts to improve health.

What herbal products do we sell?

    We sell "herbal formulas", rather than single herbs. This is a convenient way of taking herbs. We decide by the combination of herbal ingredients what therapeutic benefits we would like your body to experience. For instance, Herbal Sensation for sexual problems; a person's sexual problems might be due to one or more conditions in the body. Impotence may be caused by several things. Herbal Sensation offers a combination of herbs to benefit a variety of people with different sex problems. Your body may have multiple areas causing sex problems. A combinations of herbs can work on all these areas at once. Even if your sex problem is due to one area of the body the rest of you is being maintained and all your other sex related organs are being nourished.

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