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Alli-C: The Heart of Garlic

No other garlic supplements contain ANY allicin. They rely on your body being able to generate allicin once you have swallowed the tablet or capsule. Garlic oil supplements are produced by distilling fresh garlic, the oil that is produced is then diluted and placed into a capsule. This destroys most, if not all of the available allicin. A few garlic powder supplements can generate some allicin but this depends on the prevailing stomach conditions and may take several hours to accomplish conversion to allicin. This can often lead to an unwanted garlic odour. New ALLI-C doesn't need to wait to be converted since it actually IS allicin.
New ALLI-C is made in the same way that allicin from fresh garlic is formed but the patented process ensures that large quantities of stable
allicin can be produced. This sophisticated refinement process has for the first time allowed us to capture garlic's active component and
deliver it directly to where your body needs it.

Just one capsule of ALLI-C taken each day with a little cold liquid during your main meal will provide enough allicin for your general health and well being.
270 mg of Allicin

60 mg Vitamin C
40 mg of citrus bioflavonoid


Staphylococci are one of the most important bacteria causing disease in humans. They are normal inhabitants of the upper respiratory tract, skin, vagina and intestine. They are members of the group called the pyogenic (pus-producing) cocci. Staphylococci are easily transmitted
from asymptomatic carriers (without signs of disease) or from persons with disease by skin contact, aerosols or from inanimate objects.
Staphylococci can cause disease in almost every organ and tissue in the body and are especially prevalent in acne. Allicin liquid extracts are highly active against clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus.

Traditionally garlic extracts have been used to help improve circulation. It is thought that allicin is the key component involved in vasodilation of the small capillaries and alveoli in the lungs. Taking up to three ALLI-C capsules per day will ensure that the allicin can start to help improve that circulation and breathing capacity. For resistant cases it may be necessary to use ALLIMAX LIQUID (MICRO-BAN) for faster
absorption. ALLI-C has been used successfully on volunteers as young as seven. Alternatively, add 5ml of MICRO-BAN to a teaspoon of apple
cider vinegar and honey, mix together and take every morning on an empty stomach. You can also try taking 2-4 ALLI-C capsules every day. Since asthma is an allergic condition the allicin will help to control the immune system, thereby treating some of the symptoms.

Bathe the afflicted area with a cotton wool pad soaked in MICRO-BAN or break open a capsule of ALLI-C, dissolve in about 20 ml of water and bathe for up to 7 days. Rinse with water and your problem should clear within a week. Mr CG from East Sussex UK says that "diluting ALLI-C
powder and using it on my recurrent athlete's foot problem has really worked - it does not dry out the skin and therefore prevents painful

Many types of bacteria, especially gram negative and gram positive strains really hate allicin - especially those that infect the throat, ear, chest and stomach. ALLI-C CAPSULES or LIQUID may by be used to treat bacterial infections. ALLI-C also kills E Coli (stomach upsets)
and Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria is known to be the cause of the majority of stomach ulcers, and normally require triple antibiotic combination therapy to kill it off. "Take just 3 ALLI-C capsules per day for 3 weeks and the bacterium will never return" according to Mr JH from Bexhill-on-Sea UK.

Read the special MSN article: "Garlic Wards Off Cancer"
Recently, researchers in Pennsylvania have shown that by injecting a compound called diallyl disulphide (formed when raw garlic is cut or crushed) tumours can be reduced by half and that a further compound (Sallylcysteine) can stop cancer causing agents from binding to human
breast cells. Allicin breaks down in the body to diallyl disulphide. In America, population studies have shown an inverse association between
vegetable and fruit consumption and colon cancer risk. Few of these studies have focused on women, but in Iowa a large group of 41,837 women
aged 55-69 years were monitored for cancer incidence for 5 years via the State Health Registry. The results showed that consumption of garlic was
inversely associated with risk of developing colon cancer.

Medical researchers in America and Oxford have stated recently that garlic supplements have an important part to play in the treatment of
high cholesterol. Overall a 12% reduction in total cholesterol can be expected and this reduction will normally be evident after only 4 weeks
treatment. Mr SB took 4 Allicin capsules a day for 6 weeks. He saw an amazing 40% reduction in his cholesterol level.

Please read the info under 'Latest Research' below that shows clearly that ALLI-C helps prevent the common cold and also helps you recover faster
and makes you less likely to get another infection.

It has been reported that garlic can reduce blood sugar levels. This was confirmed recently by a study in Germany, where investigators found an
11% reduction in blood glucose in the garlic treated group. Whether garlic can increase insulin secretion is unclear. However a recent study
conducted at The Royal United Hospital Bath and The Royal South Hampshire Hospital in Southampton, has shown that ALLICIN can have a beneficial effect on harmful blood fats.

Garlic can remove various poisons secreted by bacteria, particularly Escherichia Coli, which can cause stomach upsets. Interestingly, garlic is the only antibiotic which at the same time as killing bacteria, also encourages digestion and protects the body against poisons produced by the infection.

Allicin cream has been used successfully to treat both childhood eczema and adult resistant itchy eczema.

The bacteria responsible for a common eye infection are well known. Concern is growing around the World as to the number of resistant strains of bacteria developing. ALLI-C is an excellent antibacterial agent, and it has been shown that allicin can kill a wide selection of common (and some not so common) bacteria. Mrs PI from Sheerness in Kent was struck down with a serious eye infection. Her doctor naturally prescribed a course of antibiotics. Unfortunately these had no effect on the eye infection so she tried taking two capsules of ALLI-C for 2-3 days and was delighted to "see" her eye infection clear up very quickly.

Garlic has been used for many years as a natural remedy for asthma and other allergic conditions. "Taking ALLI-C has definitely helped my Hay Fever.  I can now relax on fresh-cut grass without getting an attack and it is nice to actually smell the grass!" ~Miss Zoe H Tenterden Kent.  Zoe
started by taking 4 ALLI-C capsules every day and has now reduced this to two. Having had Hay Fever since she was a teenager, Zoe is delighted
not to have to resort to pharmaceutical agents that often have side

Research suggests that our daily diet could benefit from adding a good quality garlic supplement, designed to help maintain a healthy heart and
circulation. Allicin can help prevent infections. New ALLI-C is different

from all other garlic supplements, as it is the ONLY one to actually contain allicin, the PRIMARY active agent generated by fresh garlic. A
sophisticated, patented refinement process produces pure allicin from fresh garlic and locks all its goodness into capsules. Now you don't have to wait for allicin to be produced in the body, as new ALLI-C delivers all the allicin you need in a convenient, once-daily dose. ALLI-C also breaks down in the stomach, for easy absorption into the bloodstream, and provides ALL the allicin-derived sulphur compounds, which create the health benefits of garlic. Each ALLI-C capsule contains 270 mg of pure allicin powder, and is manufactured by a unique process to preserve the allicin in an odour-controlled form. Allicin can also prevent viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Many herpes sufferers find that a simple application of Allicin cream or liquid can quickly kill Herpes simplex virus.  Often, just dabbing the liquid on the area will help the outbreak to vanish within a few days.


High blood pressure is described as a 'silent killer' and therefore it is important to ensure that levels are kept as near to normal as possible.  Garlic, in certain forms that can produce plenty of allicin, have now been shown to significantly reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Earlier this year, writes Mrs CM from Battle in East Sussex, "My daughter was diagnosed as suffering from Molluscum Contagiosum. This is a viral
condition of the skin, which causes wart-like spots that over a period of weeks or months change into large painful pustules that eventually burst, sometimes leaving behind a scar pit. She had suffered for sometime, and the spots had spread from her trunk and arms to her legs, and particularly between her legs and around her genital area. They were causing a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment. And, it was most distressing to hear from the doctor that there was absolutely no treatment for them, as it was impossible to shift the virus. When I heard through a friend that it might be possible to treat them with a garlic extract, I decided that anything was worth a try. We were given a bottle of allicin liquid and told to apply it directly to the spots twice a day using a cotton bud.

After only three days there was a noticeable improvement and after a week, the spots had completely gone. We were absolutely thrilled and
could hardly believe just how effective allicin liquid had been. I know from talking to other parents, that Molluscum Contagiosum is common in
young children nationwide. I would thoroughly recommend using allicin liquid as a treatment, as it cannot do any harm and may work for others as
it has for us!"

It is well known that MS sufferers have very compromised immune systems. One of the key features of ALLI-C is its ability to improve the immune
system. This is achieved by enhancing the circulation and preventing troublesome minor infections from occurring. Recently it has been shown
that ALLI-C is an excellent anti-viral agent, and is capable of both preventing attacks and speeding recovery of people who do pick up an infection. Mrs PI from Sheerness in Kent is convinced that ALLI-C has really helped her this last winter. "Although I suffer from MS, since taking ALLI-C, this is the first time that I have not suffered from a cold all winter. I feel that this is due to ALLI-C and will be taking it on a daily basis throughout the year".

A sore throat may be easily alleviated by taking 50ml of MICRO-BAN and mixing with six teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Then, take some warmed
honey, add some lemon juice and when cool, add this to the mixture. Take two teaspoons every morning.

Is the drug of choice for treating malaria but if you take a lot of garlic whilst on holiday the mosquitoes won't bother you, as they hate the
smell! Garlic has been used for centuries to ward off mosquitoes and other biting insects.

It was established at the Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1999 that the most common cause of sinusitis is in fact a fungal infection. Many
thousands of people have had the common operation to "clear and unblock" the sinus cavity, but unfortunately the problem nearly always returns.
Since allicin is proven to be able to kill fungal infections, it is not surprising that ALLI-C is able to unblock sinus infection. As with all
these "remedies" is may be worth trying the liquid if you have a particularly bad problem.

Simply take a peeled clove, cut it and apply the open end directly to your tooth, and hold it there for approximately 40 minutes. Alternatively
you can rinse your mouth with 10ml of ALLIMAX LIQUID (MICRO-BAN).

Some of the fungi that are susceptible to garlic include Coccidioides, Aspergillus, Histoplasma, Trichophyton, Candice, and Cryptoccocci. The
most common fungal infection of adult AIDS patients in America is candidiasis of the mouth, throat, and oesophagus. Candidal organisms are
very sensitive to allicin.

Latest Research


The common cold is the most widespread viral infection in the world today, costing the British economy millions every year. With the average
adult Briton suffering between two and five colds per annum and no cure on the horizon, any well-researched prevention has to be good news for
the nose. Research conducted by The Garlic Centre, based on a 90 day trial of 144 volunteers, conclusively demonstrates that allicin (the
principal ingredient found in ALLI-C) will provide invaluable protection against this pernicious and irritating virus. ALLI-C has the
highest possible concentration (100% yield) of allicin and is the only product of its type available globally.

144 volunteers participated in the first double-blind placebo controlled study, and were divided into two groups, one taking a placebo
capsule daily and the other taking one (Active) ALLI-C capsule daily. Each group was asked to record the number of colds experienced over the
three-month period and to note the severity, duration and recovery time required.

The results revealed that:

- nearly three times as many colds were experienced by the placebo group 65 placebo to 24 active the average number of days needed by the placebo group for recovery was 5.6, compared with 4.6 for the active group
- only 3% of the active group experienced more than one cold, showing that Allimax helped repel a re-infection.

Peter Josling , Director of the Garlic Centre added : "This study clearly shows that taking Allicin everyday will not only significantly reduce the chances of catching the common cold, but if you do become infected, you will recover faster and reduce the likelihood of re-infection. This could save millions per year for British Industry."

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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