Cold Medicines vs. Herbal Formulas.... What's the Difference!

Herbal formulas vs. Cold medicines

    You may have heard the statement "Nothing can prevent colds & flu". Of course that statement has been carefully worded by the big money drug industry to sale their cold & flu medicines. Let's clarify that statement.
    Cold medicines can not actually prevent colds or flus. The term "cold medicine" has been taken over by the drug industry and it has become a point of confusion. We have cold & flu medicines like Vicks, TheraFlu, etc. It is surprising that millions of people think that these cold medicines actually cure your cold or flu. Many take these medicines for a "cure". Cold medicines are designed to make you feel better during the course of a cold or flu. Some are successful in stopping the running nose and the constant coughing. Of course you realize in a few hours that you are still sick!
    Herbal formulas some of them, actually can prevent you from getting sick with a cold or flu. Herbal formulas work WITH your immune system. Cold medicines don't.
    Here's the fact that the drug industry leaves out: ONLY your immune system can prevent colds & flu!

    Your immune system has to be strong enough to fight off viruses. If you are catching cold after cold after cold, your immune system is weak. If you have a lingering cough that stays for weeks, it because your immune system is not strong enough to evict it! Your immune system needs boosting or strengthing to be able to FIGHT BACK!

    Viruses are always on the attack. Give your immune system the POWER PUNCH to KNOCK OUT those viruses! Cold medicines aren't designed for that!
    Try NOT getting sick! We have been taught by "the powers to be" to expect to catch your yearly colds & flus. Then be ready with the "medicines". It has been years since I have had a cold or flu. My body HAS been under attack many, many times! But my immune system has always successfully "defended the Fort"! I find it much more pleasureable NOT getting sick! Life has enough problems in daily living. Eliminate at least THIS one! Your health IS more important than anything else in life.
Sea Energy is NOT a "cold medicine"! I believe it should be "safe" to say that now that you understand what a cold medicine is. Sea Energy is a unique herbal formula with the ingredients that boosts your immune system. While everyone is getting sick around you, they will wonder why you're so healthy!

A cold or Flu always comes at a BAD time! Don't let one ruin your performance!
("Well, if I wasn't sick, I would've ....") Live life to the fullest! If you have a life, you don't have TIME to be sick!

Now that you know the difference, Try Sea Energy. Boost your immune system, Boost your energy, boost your LIFE!

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