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Herbal Sensation, herbal sex remedies, sexy herbs, green oats, increase sex drive, female orgasms

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herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbe
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herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbe
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herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbe
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herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbe
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herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbe
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Herbal Sex Remedies
When the Love Act & Hot Passion Needs to Happen Safe & Naturally!

* With recent news about a certain ED drug being possibly related to causing "blindness" take a good look at this natural herbal formula!

The 1st AND the BEST! The original, that everyone wants to duplicate! The all natural relationship enhancer(via sex!)! It's a safe alternative to drugs. Many who have taken the "pill" have experienced the many side effects of this drug. They are looking for an alternative without these side effects and health risks! Others just want their sexual health restored! 100% HERBAL SENSATION has been featured on over 100 TV News and Top Radio stations across America (Just recently on KCAL 9 in LA). And we know why... it REALLY works for Men and Women!

This product is regularly advertised in major Health Magazines like Natural Health, Herbs for Health, Alternative Medicine, and others.

NEW More Potent Formula !!
Available NOW!!

Herbal Sensation is NOW even MORE POTENT with the Added herbs, "Yohimbe Extract" & others !!!
Continue to read below to see the added ingredients & what they do for You!

The Sexy Herb formulas help make erections possible and increase female arousal: Avena Sativa (Green Oats), Nettles, and Saw Palmetto can restore free testosterone to the youthful range in both men and women with dramatic results. These herbal formulas are patented so they can't be copied! This combination of herbs (keep reading to see the full herbal formulas) offer better sex and other health benefits. These formulas are natural herbs for sex problems and just better sex!
In our teens and 20's we used to have what's known as "raging hormones". Hormones dictate how your body runs. With age, beginning in our 30's, our hormone levels can decrease. With that decrease in hormone levels, our sex drive, libido, and sexual turn-on follows. Your body HAS changed. Just look in the mirror. It changed appearance from when you were in your 20's on the outside, and it has also changed on the INSIDE. Herbal ingredients in Herbal Sensation work to restore those hormone levels to their "youthful" range, & restore your sexual health.
herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbeMen remember those youthful days when all an attractive girl had to do is come close and you erupted into a steel pole erection! (Depending on where you were could have been embarassing!) This formula helps bring back those youthful naturally triggered erections, not artificially triggered with drugs.
herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbeWomen remember when those romantic and hot sensual thoughts filled your mind? All you needed was a man to take care of business. This formula for women puts you back in action and helps you turn up the heat, and gets the juices stirring!

One formula for Men.... Another formula for Women!
herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbeThe "pill" does not work for women but 100% Herbal Sensation for Women DOES. It increases the female libido and causes the desire for women to want more sex. Now women can benefit from a formula made for them!
Want to know how the testosterone factor helps both men and women? Keep reading until you see the paragraph "How Does 100% Herbal Sensation Work"!
(For FAQs, we have a Questions & Answers Button at the bottom of the Page)

100% Herbal Sensation allows SEX to take place!

But not only SEX, but GREAT SEX!

100% Herbal Sensation:

  • Is formulated to help relieve impotence & erectile dysfunction in males by allowing men to get & KEEP an erection. It improves on the "soft" hard-on to give you a "hard" hard-on.
  • For women AND men it helps put you in the mood for passionate: It gets you horny, hot, wet, & ready for Sex!
  • Both men and women can experience orgasms like never before!

herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbeAre You or Your mate having trouble getting HORNY!!??
...Try 100% Herbal Sensation!!
herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbeAre you having trouble Getting or "Keeping" an erection? (It's more embarrassing to "lose" an erection in the heat of passion, than to not get one at all!) for reliable performance ...Try 100% Herbal Sensation!!
herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbeGetting Ready for a HOT weekend of intimate pleasure? ...Try Herbal Sensation!!
herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbeOr you just want to enhance the pleasure experience! Make sex into a SEXUAL OVERTURE!! A SEXUAL EXPLOSION!! TECHNICOLOR ORGASMS!!
...Try 100% Herbal Sensation!!!
herbal sex remedies, herbal sensation, sexy herbs, yohimbe100% Herbal Sensation increases your energy and stamina so you don't run out before the pleasure experience has been fulfilled! ...Try 100% Herbal Sensation!!

Herbal Sensation for Men has been made even more potent and stronger! Continue to read below to find out more!

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Why all natural 100% HERBAL Sensation is different from that pill®.

No prescriptions needed (just write your own Passion Prescription!) -- NO harmful side Effects -- Less than 1/10 cost of prescription drugs (the pill) -- Not just for that "one" sexual experience -- Contains NO drugs! -- No synthetic chemicals! -- just natural herbs! AND it works for women!

Now! A New even MORE "potent" formula! The newly added ingredients for the Improved formula are in "red". NOW read about the even MORE power packed formula with "Yohimbe Extract" and other herbs in "blue" below.
Available NOW !

The Men's unique patented formula contains:

  • Avena Sativa (Green Oats)
  • Sabal Serrulata (Saw Palmetto)
  • Urtica Dioica (Nettles)
  • Zinc Chelate
  • Yohimbe Extract
    A male aphrodisiac. Yohimbe comes from a small evergreen tree native to Africa. Used to treat men with an impotence condition, and is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Increases adrenaline in the blood stream. In controlled low dosages (which this formula has) yohimbe has been observed to normalize blood pressure. It causes dilation of blood vessels that may be restricting the blood flow to the penis. Yohimbine can increase penile blood flow, and may also increase the amount of a substance called, cGMP, which is needed to stimulate and maintain an erection. Yohimbe is a potent herb, so its recommended to stay within the suggested amounts, and just let the formula do its "job" for you.
    Yohimbe is also used by men who have normal sexual function in an attempt to improve it (Nothing wrong with "better" sex). Yohimbe has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of impotence before thos prescription drugs hit the market. Yohimbe is NOT recommended for use by "females" for libido enhancement, and certainly is not to be used during pregnancy. (The women's formula does not contain Yohimbe.)
  • Artic Root (Rhodiola Rosea Extract)
    We get constantly asked if the original formula helped with "Premature Ejaculation". It didn't, BUT the NEW IMPROVED formula does. It contains Rhodiola Rosea (Artic Root). Studies show that this powerful herb has been known to increase sexual performance. One study concluded that 26 out of 35 men who suffered from premature ejaculation and weak erections experienced significant improvement with usage over a period of 3 months.
  • Gynostemma Pantaphyllum Extract
    This herb has been used for many years in China for its medicinal and energizing properties. It has also been known to help with stimulating sperm production, promoting sexual desire and increasing circulation throughout the entire body!
  • Guarana Extract
    Guarana - This herb is used as an aphrodisiac. Guarana also provides an energy boost that can escalate. It has energizing effects, increases stamina, and endurance.
  • Chinese Ginseng
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Siberian Ginseng
    This combination of 3 Ginsengs boosts the libido, acts as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant, and boosts your energy & endurance to increase you and your partner's non-tiring fun and pleasure! Lastly for prostate health.
  • Gingko Biloba
    Its effects is an improvement in circulation to the extremities. It is a treatment for impotence when this condition is mainly due to retarded blood flow to the genitals and surrounding areas. As a side note it is also good for memory improvement, because it improves circulation to the brain.
This more potent formula is designed to "get you there" with energy to keep you going & going while you maintain your erection.
Try the NEW more Potent formula for Men!

Increased stamina...Increased blood flow...Increased sensation..Increased satisfaction...
Increased desire...Increased frequency...
Stronger erections...and More!

The women's unique patented formula contains:

  • Avena Sativa, Green Oats
  • Sabal Serrulata, Saw Palmetto
  • Zinc Amino Acid Chelate
(See also the NEW Excite Cream for Women! This is an externally applied herbal cream. Women You have a choice of which poduct to try! Use one or Both! Click here if you haven't seen Excite Cream. Then click the "Back" Button to return to this page.)

And because Herbal Sensation is 100% herbal it has other health benefits! To name two:

  • For Men: Prostate Health!. Click here now to read the bonus Special Report on prostate health for Men.This is a MUST read for Men over age 35. Take it for your health too!
  • For women: PMS relief!

    To Find Out 2 ways to get "buffed with 100% Herbal,
    * Click on "Other Benefits" below to find more about these and other health benefits from using 100% Herbal Sensation!

    100% Herbal Sensation improves that vital part of that man/woman relationship -
    your SEX LIFE!!

    There are millions of men and women who suffer sexual dysfunctions. 100% HERBAL SENSATION the herbal sex remedy helps to relieve:
    • "Lack of desire" (help for women with a sexual response dysfunction, or lack of interest in sex)
    • Impotency (can't get an erection)
    • Orgasm dysfunction (helps you achieve an orgasm) or (deals with the: blah! "that was nothing" waste of time.)
    If You can Have BETTER SEX, WHY NOT!!

    If Poor Sexual Performance... Lack of Sexual Desire... Lack of Sex... is Affecting Your Relationship...
    TRY HERBAL SENSATION the herbal sex remedy!

    100% HERBAL SENSATION gets you hot and horny! Gets You HARD or WET! Gives You Great bone-jarring, earth-moving, climb the ceiling, technicolor orgasms!

    • You don't need a prescription!
    • You CAN afford the PRICE! (1/10 the cost of that "popular drug".)
    • No negative side effects, only positive! (see other benefits)
    • Does Not increase blood pressure
    For "WHEN THE LOVE ACT NEEDS TO HAPPEN" - without sacrificing your health!

    (Short of time and just want to Order?) Click Here: Order 100% Herbal Sensation!
    (All products discreetly packaged and quickly shipped!)Use our new "Herb-Cart" system as you roll to the check-out!


    • It can put you back in action! Have you given up on sex because you couldn't perform? Restore your sexual health!
    • 1000's of couples use our products on a daily basis.
    • Even if you can perform, it can make it 100% better!
    • Bring back the honeymoon fireworks!
    • Let's face it. GREAT SEX!! plays a vital part in both a man's and woman's relationship! Bring back that missing piece!
    • Women enjoy increased lubrication, more desire, amplified sensations, more powerful Mind Blowing orgasms, and promotes Intense Multiple orgasms! Experience orgasms like never before!
    • Men also experience more powerful orgasms, plus strength, stamina, endurance, and amplified sensations and RETURN POWER!
    • Increased sperm and cum production with continued use of Herbal Sensation.
    • 100% Herbal Sensation increases circulation in men and effects the sex centers of the brain so erections become firmer, even gives rock solid erections!
    • It increases desire for sexual activity in both men and women!
    • Be Ready for increased desire for more sex, a higher libido, a mind crowded with sexual thoughts!
    • And it's HEALTHY! Improve your health!
    * To See What Actual Users of Herbal Sensation have to Say, both Men & Women, Click on "Testimonials" Button Below.


    • It's formulated to enhance a person's sexual experience naturally. Testosterone, which is responsible for stimulating sexual activity in women as well as men, becomes increasingly bound to various compounds in the body with advancing age. Bound testosterone is not nearly as effective as free testosterone is, in stimulating the SEX centers in the brain.
      "100% HERBAL" works miracles because *Green Oats travels throughout the body and frees up testosterone. {Very important point for women is that it FREES UP, and not ADD testosterone to the body. So you maintain your natural balance and not have to worry about becoming masculine! (The difference is YOU may be pursuing HIM for sex!)} So 100% HERBAL can restore testosterone to the youthful range in both men & women.
      The results are: Enhanced sexual sensations & sexual response, experience multiple orgasms(women), maintain erections longer and more often, helps alleviate impotency.
      For women it improves self-confidence and serves as an antidepressant. Improves responsiveness and assertiveness.
      For men this also gives a self-confidence boost, because men who have experienced a slide in preformance, have in the back of their mind, "the fear of failure". This is your assurance against failure!

    • Testosterone also works to decrease body fat. From Life Extension Magazine, Nov. 2000: Studies now indicate that the age-related increase in body fat (men that you see with the big pot-belly & waist line) is attributed to the decrease in free testosterone which comes with AGE. So Men, taking Herbal Sensation can also help trim your waist line, making you more healthy, sexually attractive, more mobile. Also, free testosterone will not only improve your muscular strength it will make you more active & energetic. Then add aggression, confidence, and the will to win! So, you can see the many "other" benefits from taking Herbal Sensation!
      The active ingredient in "100% HERBAL" has been proven to be a powerful, natural SEXUAL & RELATIONSHIP enhancer! Green Oats has been used as an aphrodisiac for 200 years! But nobody has ever packaged them quite like this.


    We must state that Herbal Sensation may not be suited for the person suffering from paralysis or severe nerve damage to the sexual functions.


    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    • Men and women with a sexual dysfunction that's keeping them from the joys of sex or the "mood" of sex.
    • Men who can not use the "pill" for whatever reason - health, or money, or seeking a natural, healthy alternative to drugs.
    • Men and women who are "slipping" a little in their performance or enjoyment.
    • Men and women who want new or improved experiences with sex.
    • Men and women who lack energy or stamina during sex.
    • Men and women who want the great health benefits that 100% Herbal Sensation gives in addition to great sex!

      Other FEATURES of this PRODUCT:
    • 60 capsules per bottle
    • Gelatin capsules can be easily swallowed, or
    • Capsules can be broken open and ingredients emptied into a beverage

    Time to Try 100% HERBAL Sensation, herbal sex remedies for men & women. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

    Not Only For Your Own Personal Gain, But So Your Mate Will Benefit TOO!

    Lovemaking Involves TWO, So Add Some "Sizzle" to Your Love Life for BOTH of You!!

    Better Sex and Better Health!! What a GREAT Combination!!

    Order NOW! 100% Herbal Sensation is high quality, and delivered quickly for your benefit in 7 days or less! It's ridiculous to wait 4 to 8 weeks for a product, particularly when you need it NOW!

    VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Discover plus checks and money orders accepted.

    We NOW Offer PRIORITY Shipping! Receive Your order even faster in 3 to 5 days Priority Shipping!!
    See Order Page for further details.

    All products are shipped discretely in plain brown or priority shipping boxes.

    Just Click the Order Page button Below!
    We are equipped with "Herb-Cart" for fast and painless shopping and ordering!!

    We also have a limited money back guarantee!
    (See Order Page for details.)

    Still have Questions? Click on "Questions & Answers" (FAQs) button below.

    For Company information on the Makers of 100% Herbal Sensation Click Here

    New Feature! For Men & Women.
    This is suggested reading to help bring out other problems that can hindred your love life and pave the way to mind blowing sex!
    Getting the Most out of SEX!

    YOU can have your Sex Life back again, or JUST make it BETTER!

    To be 'Normal' is for You & Your mate to have the desire for sexual fulfillment. This product allows that to happen for you!

    If you lack desire, sexual turn-on, have low sex drive, lack energy & stamina, have poor erections, an impotence condition, premature ejaculation problem, poor or no orgasms, if you hate dissappointing your mate -- You NEED this product for the joys and fireworks sex is meant to provide!

    Remember that feeling of relief after you and your mate have expended energy satisfying each other, the feeling after a mind blowing orgasm, the calmness, the relaxed feeling, the warm embraces when you just want to hold each other after sex knowing that you have pleased your mate and your mate has pleased you. You CAN have those moments back and make them even BETTER! That's what Herbal Sensation does! It allows the sex act to happen and happen with passion! Great sex will definitely improve any couples relationship! Herbal Sensation is natural and meant to restore or correct deficiencies in your body. The prescription drugs now on the market do nothing for your health and even has side effects that can permanently damage your body. Try herbal sex remedies! Save money! Improve your health! Great sex! Improved relationships! You don't have to dissapoint your mate or yourself anymore!

    (Since you have read this far, we will give you the secret code to get 10% off the price of ONE BOTTLE Herbal Sensation! When you get to the Order page, look for the box inside the Order Form labeled "Cust. Box", which will be next to Herbal Sensation on the form , then type in the number 230 in that box. If ordering TWO bottles Men or Women's formula use code 228 to get MORE THAN 25% off the SECOND bottle! The "Herb Cart" will show you the discounts when you click on the Herb-Cart symbol to check-out.
    To see the SAVINGS, you MUST use the right codes!
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    Having Said ALL .... JUST TRY IT!!

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    Getting the Most out of SEX!

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