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Lose Dangerous Unsightly Abdominal FAT & Weight! The Painless Way to Lose Weight that's Also Healthy!
Here's the NEWEST in natural WEIGHT LOSS!
This One's SAFE and it Really WORKS!

Government Studies Say "We are Getting FATTER!"
Here's What You can do to Knock Off the WEIGHT! Lose Weight in a Fast, Healthy Way!
wasting Time, Money and Your HEALTH on FAD diets!

Extra Virgin COCONUT OIL!

Prevent Obesity, Reduce Fat Intake and Cholesterol by Changing Your Cooking & Eating Habits!
Cook and Bake Healthy!

So, if butter is bad and margine is worse, try something entirely NEW!
Serve Up Great TASTE!

The most nutritional all-purpose cooking oil! It is cholesterol and trans fat-free, and is rich in medium-chain good fats. Unlike other oils, Affinity's Coconut Oil is pure white and has a pleasant tropical aroma. It is idea as high-heat cooking oil and as a tasty shortening for baking.

The NEW Anti-Aging Formula! Special Herbs,
Special Nutrients you can't get from foods, and you will not find in off-the-shelf products!
Stop free radicals and make them harmless and protect the cells from them before they cause the damage that leads to aging and diseases that includes Alzheimers diseases as well as the increasing wrinkles around your face, cataracts, blindness and arthritis. Click here and read more!
AntiOxidant-Specialist formula.

Improve Your Performance!! Whether its Recreational Sports or Fun, Work, or Serious Athletic Performance! Performance Specialist - for your personal BEST OR to BEAT the Competition! Learn about Cordyceps which radically increases cellular energy by 30%. Cordyceps increases cellular Oxygen Absorption by up to 40%. These properties may account for the overall physical enhancement, the added endurance, and the anti-fatigue effects of the "Performance Specialist" made with Cordyceps. See also the "other" benefits of using this formula!
Into the exotic Bottled Waters like millions of Americans? Bottled water may taste better but there are no health benefits over regular faucet water!!
If you are looking for Health Benefits & good taste, Try the NEWEST HEALTH WATER - M-WATER! Add M-WATER to your favorite bottled water! M-Water is highly concentrated. Just add a little to your bottle or water cooler and enjoy the health benefits as you drink! Read more and see the effects of using this NEW kind of water, M-Water by clicking here!

Check Yourself for Minerals Your Body May Be Missing for Good Health. See this Special Article!
Boosting Stamina & Energy: With age, most of us lose at least some of the energy we took for granted in our youth. If Your Energy is gone before the day is or the activity is finished, Try Sea Energy! Or Try the POWER Max version of Sea Energy which is 3 times concentration of the same great Sea Energy formula designed for High Performance lifestyles. Athletes and the extra busy people particularly enjoy our professional strength Power Max product. Individuals with health challenges may benefit faster from the extra- strength of POWER MAX too.
Avoid being a Prostate Statistic! Listen to Dr. Tai's lecture on the PROSTATE. Learn as he quotes from published research, how certain Herbs block HETE, the essential food for Prostate Cancer!

Herbal & Natural Weight Loss -- Weight Control --
Diet Products!!

Read the Special Report for Women
Abdominal Fat - Why Its Bad for YOU!
Fat Adds Up to Cancer! - Study Finds Excess Weight Leads to Deadly Disease

LO LO-Rise (as LO as Heavenly Possible!) SLACKS, JEANS, SHORTS, even Jogging Suits are in! If you are Over-Weight You CAN'T be in Fashion! Even the Little Bulges around the Waist Looks Bad with these Fashions!
Whether You Need to Lose a Little Weight or a Lot,
One Day Diet WORKS! This one's SAFE & it Really WORKS!!

The ONE DAY DIET is NOW Famous! Its Natural, Drug-Free, Painless, & it WORKS!
STOP Wasting Time & Money with FAD Diets!!

Start Losing Weight within 24 hours! Lose Up to 20 lbs. a Month!
Do it and Still Enjoy Your Favorite Foods! Do it Drug-Free AND Healthy!

One Day Diet (in tasty chocolate & vanilla) its the ultimate weight loss plan that allows you to lose that Extra Pinch or that BIG Pinch! Lose the Weight, Reduce the Fat!! the One Day Diet

Besides feeling great and having more energy, millions of people are constantly looking for another health related solution. Do you know what it is? You see it being pitched almost every day . . . on TV, in your favorite magazine.
It's the ability to lose weight.

As Americans, we are growing fatter and fatter every year. In fact, some studies state that over 60% of our population is obese or overweight. No one wants to be fat and that's why the weight loss segment of the health market is so huge. To fill the need created by this segment of our population, Affinity has created a great program to help people lose weight - the One-Day Diet.

Most diets fail, but this one works . . . all you have to do is diet One-Day at a time, that's it. To learn the secret to the One-Day Diet's success:

See the One Day Diet in the Herbal Store

Specials on Sea Energy!!
See the e-coupon codes to get Great SAVINGS when you click on the links below!!

Sea Energy - Health from the Sea

Sea Energy - Power Liquid Nutrition !!
Pills Don't Even Come Close !!

- RICH in Herbs ! RICH SEA Vegetables!
Did you know "Sea" vegetables are far superior to "Land" vegetables?!! -

Arguably the Most Potent Nourishment in the World!
Maximum Absorption Rate (98% - pills are only 10%)!
Read the Special Article from "Alternative Medicine":
Do You Need a MINERAL Boost?!

sea energy, brain booster, mental enhancer, circulation, heart, kidneys, energy, boost immune system & more
Our Sea Energy product is the world's GREATEST natural product for reinforcing our Immune System by having every single needed Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme and Amino Acid that we need for proper health. Unlike most forms of supplements, this product goes to work immediately and is more usable by our bodies than any other product you can buy today. You should be drinking one to three ounces a day at the least.

Get Complete Vitamins & Minerals and Give Your Body a "Mineral Boost" with Sea Energy!

Try This Unique Herbal Formula !

> Boost Your Immune System
> Increase Circulation to the Brain
> Energy Booster
> Improve Digestion - Intestinal Tract Healing
> Beat Fatigue

These 12 types of Sea plants are extremely potent & rich in nutrition, and has the highest absorption rate by the body at the cellular level making this formula incredibly effective with multiple health benefits!

Go to the Sea Energy site!

Read More about the Benefits, Ingredients, Testimonials, Order Products. Distributorship information can be found there also. Sea Energy!

SEA ENERGY & POWER MAX (3X the strength). Sea Energy has been featured on a national infomercial and receives rave reviews from numerous health professionals. Read more about these fantastic formulas for Your
"Health From the Sea"!

Sea Energy - Health From the Sea!

Stock up NOW at extremely LOW Prices!
Click the links and get the e-coupon codes!

Alli-C, the heart of Garlic. No other garlic supplements contain the active ingredient of allicin. Learn the secrets about allicin and how it can help with modern heart maintenance and healthy circulation, assist healing with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that help improve immune function. Be on the cutting edge of alternative remedies with Alli-C.
Read special news articles on the impact Alli-C is making!
This is a product that every nutrition-conscious person will want to know about!
Click here to go to the Alli-C home page

Just Released - we have acquired the exclusive North American network marketing rights to nature's greatest secret for the healing of the skin. Manuka Oil, from New Zealand's East Cape, is at least 15 times more effective than Australian Tea Tree Oil against gram-positive bacteria including antibiotic resistant strains. Herbal100 is offering it in a soap, cream and 100% Pure concentrate. Click here to go to the Manuka home page

Herbal Natural Sex Enhancers
for Men & Women

Click here for Sexy Herbs the
Sexual Enhancer & Restorer
Herbal Alternatives to drugs
herbal alternatives to drugs, female alternatives, sexual desire, herbal sex
100% Herbal Sensation

Available NOW !

See What's in It & What It DOES for YOU !

Sexy Herbs natural formulas for men and women!! - "Herbal Alternatives to prescription drugs", herbal remedies for impotence (a natural impotence remedy), erection problems (erectile dysfunction), desire, energy, stamina in men. Our herbal formula for women, called the sex pill restores female sex drive and libido, improves orgasms, and lubrication - a sex enhancer for both men & women!
When Hot passion and the Love Act Needs to Happen, safe & naturally!!
The NEW Herbal Sensation, is MORE potent, but still safe, no side effects and works! A natural herbal alternative to improve sex!

Herbal alternatives have become popular as many men can't take popular prescription drugs or fear the debilitating side effects.

Our patented formulas are the most advanced in enhancing sexual desire, frequency, performance improvement, & boosting overall sexual satisfaction!!

Unlike drugs, Herbal Sensation is an herbal alternative that promotes men's health, including prostate health. Natural herbal alternatives help strengthen the body and allow the sexual organ to recover lost vitality, allowing more satisfaction for the male & female. Unlike chemical drugs, safer herbal alternatives act to treat & restore potency.
The women's formula works to restore female sexual health.

This formula also helps men with"Premature Ejaculation".

Enter the Herbal Sensation Page !!

* Also Read Our FINE Informational Articles !!

  • Read the Free Report for Men & Women:
    Getting the Most Out Of SEX
  • This is a Must Read Report for Every Man:
    Prostate Health for Men

    JAZZ UP Your Sex Life!
    Natural Libido Boosters!

    Herbal Sex Boosters for Women

    Sexy Herbs for Women - Since the well known "blue pill" is not for Women, try these highly effective herbal products. Read about Herbal Sensation for Women. This page includes very informative sections about sexual enjoment for men & women.
    Visit http://www.herbal100.com/natural_sex_remedies.htm

    Herbal Excite Cream for Enhanced Female Orgasms
    Excite Cream the "LOVE" Product For Women!sex cream for women, excite cream, excite creme, womens sex enhancer, female sex drive, female orgasm enhancer

    Excite Cream For Women!
    Spice Up Your Sex Life! Add an Orgasm!

    Women - experience what all the rage is about! Some studies claim that up to 66% of Women are sexually frustrated.

    With Excite Cream for Women, women can reclaim sexual satisfaction, increase intimacy, experience orgasms & multiple orgasms, heighten pleasure and desire great sex again and again with Excite Cream! This is a MUST TRY product - buy it today!

    Visit http://www.herbal100.com/excite_cream.htm

  • -Sexy Herbs

    -Herbal Sensation for Men

    -Female Libido Enhancer

    -Excite Cream for Women

    -Breakthrough Menopause formula - End Menopause worries & horrors

    -Prostate formulas - Eliminate Prostate Problems

    Herbal Aphrodisiacs
    -Pheromones Spray for Men - Female Attract Spray
    Attract Women - Triggers Sexual Desire

    -Excite Cream for Women
    Sexual excitation - Orgasm improvement

    Weight Loss
    Abdominal Fat, Lose Abdominal Fat

    How to Know if You are Over-Weight

    -One Day Diet

    -Weight Loss System

    -Junk Buster

    Personal Care Products
    Foot & Skin Problems

    Skin Care -
    Bath & Body -
    Facial Care

    the Heart of Garlic
    Allergies -
    High Blood Pressure
    Digestion -
    Heart Maintenance -
    Diabetes -
    Immune Function -
    Common Cold -
    Asthma -
    Eczema -
    Athletic's Foot -

    Read the special MSN article:
    "Garlic Wards Off Cancer"

    Manuka Oil
    Skin Ailments -
    Siff Back & Sore Muscles
    Rheumatic Joints -
    Foot & Body Odor -
    Fungal Infections -
    Cuts -
    Nail Infections -
    Badly Healing Skin -
    Bedsores -

    Prostate Health
    -Herbal Sensation for Men

    -Prostate Health Study/Prostate Pictorial

    Prostate-Specialist formula for Inflamed Prostate, Enlarged Prostate, BPH Disorder

    Sleep Aid

    Immune System/Cold & Flu Prevention

    -Up to Date News on the Major Flu Shot Shortages in the US for the 2004 - 2005 Flu Season!

    - Check Reported Flu Cases across the US or get Your State's Report

    -How to Survive This Year's Flu Season!

    -Herbal Formulas vs. Cold & Flu Medicines - What's the Difference?

    - What is Pneumonia & Pneumonia Prevention

    -Sea Energy

    the Heart of Garlic

    -Compare Immune System Boosting Formulas

    Coconut Oil
    -Coconut Oil
    for Trans-Fat Free Cooking,
    Skin Care,
    Herbal Remedies for:
    Use the pull-down menu & find something for:
    -Health Water
    -Performance Specialist

    -Sea Energy

    Oxygen Efficiency

    -Sea Energy

    -Performance Specialist

    Memory Improvement
    -Sea Energy

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