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Q. When is the best time to take "100% HERBAL SENSATION" ?
A. Like it says on the label, it is best to take 1 or 2 capusles daily, before one meal. Some people take 1 or 2 before bedtime, if they are planning a very exciting evening.

Q. My sex life is already awesome. I really don't think I need "100% HERBAL SENSATION".
A. Some people think that their sex lives are already super that there is no need to take this product. They could not be more mistaken. "100% HERBAL" was designed to ENHANCE a person's sexual experience and sexuality. It works in a number of ways. Women in one study reported an increase in lubrication in response to sexual thoughts and fantasies, and an increase in orgasms which resulted in an increase in sexual gratification. Both men and women experienced an increase in frquency of orgasms, while women experienced a dramaic 68% increase in multiple orgasms. Men also reported multiple orgasms while taking green oats. Green oats is the special ingredient which makes "100% HERBAL" such a success!

Q. How long can I use "100% HERBAL SENSATION" ?
A.The ingredients in this product are all natural. A healthy person can use it year after year.

Q. Does "100% HERBAL SENSATION" have FDA approval?
A. FDA approval is only required for drugs. "100% HERBAL SENSATION is not a drug.

Q. I accidently took two of my wife's "100% HERBAL" capsules instead of the Men's Formula, Is it okay?
A. Taking two capsules of the opposite sex's formula can do no harm. The Saw Palmetto in the women's formula is actually very beneficial for the male prostate.

Q. Is "100% HERBAL" safe?
A. "100% HERBAL SENSATION" contains only 100% natural ingredients. It contains nothing injurious to health. Inform your physician if you are have a medical condition, pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision. If you have a known allergy to oats, you may experience some allergic symptoms in response to this product. 100% is also safe for people with heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.

Q. What is the shelf life of "100% HERBAL SENSATION"?
A. It will last 18 months if kept in a cool dry place, out of the sun and tightly sealed.

Q. What is the age limit to take "100% HERBAL SENSATION"?
A. If you are between 18 and 120 years old you should have some great results.










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