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One Day Diet
Herbal Diet & Natural Weight Loss Formula

A Trimmer Waist & a Happier, Healthy YOU!

If you've ever attempted to lose weight, you know how difficult, frustrating and sometimes
even unhealthy dieting can be.
Thanks to the One Day Diet, all that has changed! Now you can
take the weight off quickly with a revolutionary diet plan that works with
your body rather than against it--a diet that is natural, easy to stick with!



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[Complete New One Day Diet Ingredients]

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Read More Testimonials from One Day Diet users!

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[See Complete New One Day Diet Ingredients]

>> The NEW ONE DAY DIET is more nutritious, much healthier and better tasting! FAT Burning ingredients have been added! Keep reading to see the other new ingredients for multiple improvements that make it even more effective and better tasting!

If You Need an Excuse to Lose Weight, Do It because its a New Year and You want to Start it off RIGHT! People are also Watching You! Weight Loss Not Only Improves Your Looks, but gives YOU a "NEW ATTITUDE"! TRY IT!!

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Get Fast and SURE results with the One Day Diet! (Then look good, feel good and know you are looking good in whatever you wear!)

Read about the ONE DAY DIET below and see WHY and HOW it works!

One Day Diet Vanilla or Chocolate Shape-lettes

  • The New One Day Diet wafers have twice (2X) the protein as the old formula to help promote lean muscle mass.

  • The New formula removes high fructose corn syrup. Many health food store chains are removing any products that contain high fructose corn syrup. The New One Day Diet uses natural sweetners including Xylitol.

    About Xylitol:
    Xyitol is a healthy sweetener. Along with its effective sweetening abilities, it also has a dramatic effect in the reduction of tooth decay. The benefits of xylitol are long lasting as initial trials have shown the benefits to persist for years after use.

  • New One Day Diet includes Garcinia Cambogia:

    This tree is native to India. The active ingredient is hydroxy-citric acid. This compound helps prevent carbohydrates from turning into fat but instead into glycogen which will work with the liver to signal the body to stop eating.

  • The New One Day Diet includes: L-Carnitine

    L-Carnitine provides the following functions: (1) it helps to convert fat to energy that is used by the muscles, (2) it promotes mobilization of stored body fat, (3) it raises energy, endurance and stamina during exercise, (4) it increases resistance to fatique.

  • The New One Diet Diet includes: Chromium Polynicotinate

    This is the safest and most bioavailable form of chromium available. Chromium makes your cells more able to use insulin so that the insulin is not turned into fat in your body. Chromium reduces insulin resistance by making cells more receptive to insulin. When insulin resistance is reduced, less insulin is produced resulting in less fat production and thus less storage of fat. Chromium has demonstrated its ability to reduce body fat and promote lean body mass.

    [Complete New One Day Diet Ingredients]

Here's How the One Day Diet Works:

You can stick to a diet for one day when you know you can eat what you want the next day!

One Day Diet is NOT a FAD DIET! One Day Diet is NOT one of those FAD diet plans you & many have tried & failed with! You will not even have to risk your health as many have done using Ephedra! One Day Diet is healthy & proven to work!


If you have tried and failed many diets in the past, want to lose weight and gain energy, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read. Here's why, what I am going to introduce to you is the first major breakthrough diet plan in the last hundred years.

A Few Examples of What You'll Discover
  • The One Day Diet is the quickest way to lose weight.
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Dieting Mistake (you don't have to starve yourself!)
  • The One Day Diet is easy as A-B-C (you will be amazed at the simplicity of this diet!)
  • You are Never More than 24 Hours Away from Your Favorite Meal (yes, if you like burgers, you can eat them on your food days!)
  • Turn your metabolism into a fat burning furnace (this is one reason why you won't gain the weight back)

The One Day Diet is not for you IF...
... you are not serious about losing weight and you plan to make up your own diet routine. With the "One Day Diet", every other day you are allowed to cheat. But in order for this diet to work, you must follow the guidelines that are included with the package. Every other day you are free to eat what you want, anywhere, anytime you choose! The freedom on the "One Day Diet" is unbelievable.

Here are a Few Reasons You Should Believe Me
  1. I'm not going to promise you that you will lose hundreds of pounds per month. That's total hype. I don't know your level of intensity or determination. How can I guarantee such a thing?
  2. We have sold this product all over the world, with wonderful results. Soon, you will be able to read unsolicited testimonials from people who were just like you.
  3. This program is real and it works. Don't just take my word for it. In just a second, I am going to explain the diet plan to you. But FIRST read this . . .
"I was 'growing' daily and I didn't know how to stop. I figured that at the rate I was growing, I wouldn't fit through the front door in about 5 years. I had gone up to 296 lbs I tried almost every diet out there and failed them all. I failed Nutri-Systems and it cost me over $1,000 to join and $70 per week only to gain 20 lbs. I failed Over-Eaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers and I lost count of how many different times I started Slimfast, hoping this time it was going to work."

"When all these and more failed, I then decided to create my own diet… 'fasting'. When I almost killed myself, that's when I decided to never diet again and that's when I started growing again. Then, I was introduced to "One Day Diet" . I didn't want to try the diet. It took my friend three phone calls to talk me into trying the diet, and needless to say, 82 lbs. And 7 dress sizes later I thank God everyday that he never gave up on me, and for sharing with me the BEST DIET IN THE WORLD!"
Elizabeth Y., CA
"A friend told me about "One Day Diet" I was able to lose 23 lbs. In 5 weeks! It worked for me. I failed other diets because I just couldn't stay with it"
RJ Mission Veijo, CA
"My first 5 weeks on "One Day Diet" I lost 17 lbs.! My husband lost about 12 lbs. The 1st week and now he's lost about 35 lbs. "One Day Diet" is the easiest diet I ever did. I feel so good!"
Joan R., New Jersey
"In 6 weeks I lost 30 lbs.! I didn't feel hungry. I've tried all other diets and you know, you can only stick to them for a little while."
Jim B., Orange County, CA
"I've never had so much energy in all my life, using this plan! With "One Day Diet" I lost 7 lbs. In 7 days and snack on the Shape-lettes on my food days, too. "
Christina J.
"My husband and I went out on last Thursday and Friday and in 2 days moved of $700 worth of this diet product! I've lost 15 lbs. in 1 month I feel better on my diet day than I do on my food day."
Shirley M., Memphis TN
"I am an emotional eater. I had heard with "One Day Diet" you wouldn't gain weight back. So I thought, I'm going to put this thing to the real test. I lost 17 lbs. in 10 days! … You can try and gain it back but you won't."
Julie R., East Coast

All Other Diets are Pure Torture
They tell you when and how much to eat day after day. Now, with the "One Day Diet", you are never more than 24 hours away from the best meal of your life! This diet is convenient, safe, and easy to use.
  • No calorie counting, no forbidden foods, no gadgets, no fatigue, no weekly visits, no meetings, no drugs.
  • 100% natural, safe, and it really works.
  • Quick and easy weight loss.
  • End your diet frustrations.

Any diet that does not allow you to eat every hour will create hunger pangs (as the dotted line above shows) around 10:30 a.m., at which time they finally let you have a mid-morning snack. By now though, that snack is no where near enough for your growling stomach and if you are like most people, you cheat by eating junk food. Since most junk food contains sugar (sucrose) you start a major high and low swing in your body's glucose level depicted on the following Energy Level Chart.

"One Day Diet" is different. You get to eat two Shape-lettes every hour of the day. This not only satisfies your need to munch, but as the solid line above shows, it also gives your body a constant supply of nutrition. This will prevent you from "binging".

The Glucose Factor: The amount of energy your body has is determined by the glucose in your blood. When you eat anything, drink anything or go on diet which contains a high amount of sugar (sucrose) you drastically upset the normal level of Glucose in your blood. This drains your body of energy it needs to function properly. That's why you have that tired, sluggish feeling within 20 minutes of eating something with sugar in it!


The graph above shows what happens to the level of Glucose (energy) in your blood using Diets with sugar and the healthy alternative…"ONE DAY DIET," It's when your body's Glucose level hits bottom that you get those cravings for something to eat, anything, especially if it's sweet!

For someone that's trying to lose weight, (or any person for that matter) it's absolutely critical that the level of Glucose in the blood never goes below normal. The safest and healthiest way to lose weight is to use "ONE DAY DIET!"

With STRICT diets, when you eat less food for more than 3 days in a row, your body automatically lowers your metabolism, (rate your body burns calories) to conserve energy. Then … when you stop dieting and start eating again, your metabolism is so low that, anything over ½ of what you used to eat will put the weight back on!

"ONE DAY DIET" is designed to keep your body from knowing it's on diet … this prevents your metabolism from being lowered and helps you lose weight!

You need to understand this. Your metabolism is much like a thermostat in your home and it works to maintain your current body weight.

Unfortunately, when you try to lose excess weight by dieting, your body mistakes the small amount of food you're eating as a signal that you are starving and it immediately lowers your body's metabolism to conserve and store as much fat as possible.

With One Day Diet, your metabolism doesn't lower itself because you are eating normally every other day.
  • Every other day is a FOOD DAY: Eat as you would when you're not dieting! Makes your body think you're NOT on a diet!
  • Every other day is a DIET DAY: Reduce excess weight on this day! Chew two delicious Shape-lettes every hour. No other food, except fresh fruit.
Finally - A Diet That Succeeds Where Others Have Failed

OUT OF 100 AMERICANS WHO GO ON A DIET, ONLY 12 ACTUALLY LOSE WEIGHT. Of the 12 who do, only two maintain their weight loss for more than a year. If you've ever attempted to lose weight, you know how difficult, frustrating and sometimes even unhealthy dieting can be. Thanks to One Day Diet Plan, all that has changed. Now you can take weight off quickly with a revolutionary diet plan that works with your body than against it - a diet that is natural, easy to stick to and lets you eat what you want everySaves you more than it costs other day.

Dieting is Hazardous to Your Weight

The main reason why 98 out of 100 dieters fails is because their diets ignore simple human physiology: when you cut down your food intake for more than three days in a row on strict diet, your body mistakes this as a signal that you are starving and automatically lowers your metabolism to conserve and store as much fat as possible. This makes it much more difficult to lose weight. Also, when you go off your diet, your metabolism is slow that anything over approximately half of what you used to eat before you started dieting will cause you to gain weight again. In short, other diets have built in failure mechanism that insures a discouragingly low slow rate.

The Most Effective Way To Diet… One Day At A Time

It's different! "One Day Diet" is the first major breakthrough in dieting in this century, because the plan works with your body rather than against it. "One Day Diet" Plan tricks your body into thinking that you are Not dieting. Every other day you are free to eat what you want, anywhere…anytime you choose! That means you are only "on" a diet every other day. Because with "One Day Diet" Plan you never actually cut your food intake for longer than a day at a time, your body doesn't know that you're dieting! So your metabolism will remain at its usual level and you'll lose weight because you actually are dieting every other day.

Willpower? Who Needs It?

Willpower is another reason why other diets usually fail. But "One Day Diet" eliminates the willpower obstacle by making dieting a one-day-on / one-day-off proposition. You only have to have enough willpower for one day, because the next day is your food day. Anyone can stick to a diet for one day when they know they can eat what they want the next day. With "One Day Diet" , you'll never be more than 24 hours away from your favorite meal!

Doctor Swears Under Oath

Dr. Howard Retzer says as a licensed Physician, Emeritas Member of the AMA and Member of the World Medical Association, "I have treated over 15,000 obese patients during a 21 year period. I was in search of a weight loss program that would not only produce rapid weight loss but also prevent the body's metabolic rate from being lowered in the process." He says "I almost passed on "One Day Diet" because I thought that it was going to be just another fad diet that didn't follow with results, but…after studying and researching the concept completely, I have found it to work very well. I'm telling you the same thing I've told them (overweight patients), "don't go on any of the current diets if you really want to lose weight, finally.

The Fat Evaporation Process Explained

When you eat more calories than your body burns, the excess food is stored in your fat cells. The "One Day Diet" plan heats up your "Metabolic Furnace" and evaporates fat by the hour in millions of cells.
Fat Cell Now
Fat Cell Now
First 12 Hours
First 12 Hours
First 24 Hours
First 24 Hours
First 36 Hours
First 36 Hours
First 48 Hours

24 Hour Fat Evaporation
"Diet Day"

Your first month will look like thisProlatein, the amazing combination of ingredients in 100% natural Shape-lettes, is in high gear providing nutrition, from the hour you wake until your head hits the pillow, on your "Diet Days".

By eating only delicious, mouthwatering Shape-lettes on your diet days, creates what is known to modern science as a "hypocaloric effect" to take place in your body and allows fat evaporation from your cells to occur every second of the day.

Lose up to 20 lbs a month eating what you like on "Food Days"

The "One Day Diet" plan can reverse your body's fat-building process and evaporate fat in millions of cells every 24 hours.


Important: If you have any medical condition, are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before starting this or any weight loss plan. As people vary, so does an individual's weight loss.

See Testimonials of One Day Diet users and for other products. Click here!

The end results of using this product is you will like the way you look! You will not have to wonder if others like the way you look! It will be a thinner, slimmer YOU! Also you will have reduced the risk of cancer and other health risks from being overweight.

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