Example on How To order using the Herbal Order Form:

Step 1:
Herbal100 Products Order Form -

Select How Many
One Day Diet
1 container Chocolate or Vanilla
   (one month supply)                              for $45.95
2 containers Chocolate or Vanilla, or
   [combo one Chocolate/one Vanilla] for $84.95

Cust. Box 4
(not required, special use only)

Select How Many :


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  1. Go to the Herbal Order page by Clicking the Order Page link. Scroll to the Order Form that looks like the above.
  2. Find One Day Diet & any other products you desire to purchase under the "Products" column.
  3. When you decide on the quantity of One Day Diet (& other products), place your mouse pointer over the "Select How Many" box to the right and click. Select the quantity of products you would like.
  4. Find your next product selection and repeat the same process.
  5. If you are using "E-coupon" codes like 300, enter them in the "Cust. Box" at the bottom left like you see entered in the example.
  6. When you are finished making your selections, place your mouse pointer over the "Take your Herb-Cart to Check-out" link on the right side and click.

Step 2:

(1) Select Country
(Used for shipping rates. Will cause shipping delays if not chosen correctly)
(2)Type Shipping(3) Now Click Herb Shopping-Cart
Country ordering From? Priority ship

  1. If you are ordering from outside the US, select your country from the left column, otherwise, just click the Herb Shopping-Cart symbol you see on the right side. Your product selections, prices and discount prices will be displayed.
  2. Follow the instructions you will see there to process your order by credit card.

Close this page by clicking the X at the top right of this page.
Continue shopping or proceed to the Herbal Order Page as instructed!

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