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There are many scientific and techical ways to determine whether a person is overweight. There are some laser tests, water displacement tests, ratio tests, etc.

These are good to use and know for some extreme health conditions and problems. Or if you are an actress, TV personality, or model, or athlete. For every one else,
Let's get practical!

As our bodies mature, it is natural to gain weight. Our dress, skirt, pants, and shirt sizes will go up. That is not necessarily an indication we are overweight.

Here are some practical guides to know if you are overweight or FAT!

  • The 'MIRROR TEST'. When you are getting dressed in the morning or drying off after a shower, look in the mirror at yourself. If you say "YUK" to what you see, you are overweight. I did that some years ago. My body reminded me of a huge pear! It was time to do something about this! So, if you say "YUK" its time to do something about this.
  • The 'JIGGLE TEST'. Is there anything jiggling that should not be jiggling? If you move your arm and part of it swings when you aren't swinging or moves after you've stopped, that's excess weight or FAT. Next is the buttocks area. A nice healthy buttocks can be attractive. But if when you are walking, you feel it reverberating, "bouncing" or shaking or swaying when you are not trying to shake it, you've got too much back there! Another common area is the thighs. If they rub together or bounce when you walk, you need to lose weight.
  • The "CONTOUR TEST". How smooth is your body's contour. If you have ripples or pockets in your skin, that's an indication of excess fat. Fat looks for places under the skin to congregate.
  • The "CLOTHES TEST". If you are "bluging" in the wrong places in your clothes, you are overweight. If you have resulted to tent dresses or oversize clothes to help you look right in clothes, its time to lose weight. The most un-sightly thing for a man is when he wears a tee-shirt or polo style shirt with his stomach hanging or sagging through it and over his belt. For women its the form fitting pants showing their lower stomach area sagging or protruding out. Or the dress that's not hanging right because of too much rear end.
  • The "HINDRANCE TEST". If your weight has become a hindrance to your moving around. If your weight is too much for your bone structure its going to slow your movements or cause pain when you walk or climb stairs. If you have pain in your knees or hip joints it could be due to excess weight. Excess weight can cause you to tire quickly, whether its some activity or climbing stairs.

NOW Let's grade yourself.... Did you FAIL any of these tests?
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Here are some startling statistics just in :
3,000 people die a year from illnesses resulting from being overweight! If you are overweight, get started on a plan! Its better to use natural products rather then drugs, because its less stress on your body and you stay healthy at the same time!

You have ALREADY taken the FIRST Step! NOW take the SECOND Step by getting started! "Change is painful, but leads to GOOD results. Staying the SAME is easy but leads to greater PAIN in the form of poor health and even one of the statistics mentioned above."

If any of these categories fit you, and you consider yourself to be "well" within that category or at the extreme end of that category, the "One Day Diet" plan is probably best suited for you. It designed not to stress your body and requires enough will power for just one day at a time.

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Have a BODY You can be PROUD Of and good HEALTH TOO!

* The diet formulas we suggest are NOT FAD DIETS!
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