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PerFormance Specialist - Benefits
You Too Can Feel Like a Champion !

Cordyceps is an extraordinary family of mushrooms with fascinating natural BIOACTIVE ingredients and properties found in no other herbs. It is because they live in the severely harsh environments found at high, cold, and arid mountains (over 15,000 ft) that the Cordyceps mushroom have evolved a complex chemistry that is found nowhere else in nature.

- Cordyceps radically increases cellular energy, which is also known scientifically as the ATP/IP ratio. Cordyceps has been clinically proven to increase cellular Bio-Energy by as much as 55% (Reported XU C.F et al in ZHU J-S, Halpern GM, Jones K. The Scientific rediscovery of a precious ancient Chinese herbal regimen: Cordyceps sinensis: Part I. J Alt Comp Med 1998;4(3):289-303.)

- Cordyceps increases cellular Oxygen Absorption by up to 40% (Lou Y, Liao X, Lu Y. Cardiovascular pharmacological studies of ethanol extracts of Cordyceps mycelia and Cordyceps fermentation solution. Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs 1986;17(5):17-21,209-213)

An even more vigorous study was conducted using "in vivo" mouse model induced acute Pulmonary Edema (Pneumonia) which causes systemic lack of oxygen, acidic body, and death. Research results show that animals taking Cordyceps had a significantly greater survival rate of 20% mortality vs. 80% mortality in 30 minutes. This is a startling 400% improvement. (From Wan F, Zhang S. Clinical observations of fermented Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-4) in antitussive, expectorant, and antathematic effects. Collection on the Basic Medicinal and Clinical Studies of Submerged Culture Cordyceps sinensis. Beijing, Nanchang, China:Jiangxi TCM/IMM, 1985:35-39)

These results suggest that Cordyceps may improve the BIO ENERGY status of animals and probably in humans. This would happen because Cordyceps improves the internal balance mechanism, thus making the utilization of OXYGEN more efficient. These properties may account for the overall physical enhancement, the added endurance, and the anti-fatigue effects which are seen in humans using the Cordyceps supplement.

Into The World of


Yes! Grandma & Grandpa, you may not be a world class athlete shattering world records, but wouldn't it be great to feel like one?

It's An Anti-Aging Fighter with clinical research proof in controlled studies which showed that elderly patients suffering from fatigue and some senility related symptoms reported.

(1) Improvements in the reduction of fatigue 92%, of feeling cold 89%, in dizziness 83%, after taking Cordyceps for 30 days. Patients with respiratory/breathing problems felt physically stronger and some were able to jog for 600 ft. (Cao A, Wen Y. J Applied Traditional Chinese Med 1993;1:32-33)

(2) Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases improvement of 40% after Cordyceps supplement. (Wang WQ. J. Administration Traditional Chinese Med 1995;5 (supp;):24)

(3) Chronic kidney diseases improvement of 51% after only one month with Cordyceps supplement.(Jiang JC, Gao YF. J Administration Traditional Chinese Med 1995;5(suppl):23-24)

Dramatic Natural Improvements are seen in endocrine hormone levels, in fertility, and in Sexual Libido for men and women.

(1) Research on animal studies shows cordyceps increases natural sex hormones(Wan F, Guo Y, Deng X. Chinese Traditional Patented Med 1988;9:29-31) (2) Prevention and improvement of adrenal glands and thymus hormones, and infertile sperm count improve by 300% after cordyceps supplement.(Huang Y, Lu J, Zhu B, Wen Q, Jia F, Zeng S, Chen T, Li Y, Xheng G, Yi Z.. Zhongchengyao Yanjiu 1987;(10):24-25) (3) Human clinical studies involving both men and women of 189 patients with decreased libido and desire showed improvement of symptoms and desire of 66% (Wan F, Guo Y, Deng X. Chinese Traditional Patented Med 1988;9:29-31) and (4) Another double blind study by the Institute of Meteria Medica in Beijing, China showed a woman improvement of libido and desire at 86%. (JIA-SHI ZHU, M.D., Ph.D. The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Vol.4, Number 3, 1998, pp.289-303) (5) The most dramatic physical proof came from Fertility Study (Guo YZ. J Modern Diagnostics Therapeutics 1986;(1):60-65) involving a clinical research of 22 males showed that cordyceps supplement increased clear evidence of 33% increase in sperm count, decreased 29% incidence of sperm malformations, and a 79% increase in survival rate after 8 weeks of cordyceps supplement.

Liver Protection – Sub chronic and chronic hepatitis on related liver diseases are more prevalent than most people think. Liver is the living filter of the human body, cleaning the blood and all other fluids of impurities. There is no way for you to survive, much less feel healthy, without a functioning liver.

Research clinical trials on 33 patients with Hepatitis "B" and on another 8 patients with cirrhosis taking Cordyceps supplement showed 71.9% improvement on "Thymol Turbidity Test" and 78.6% improvement in" SGPT Test" both of these are enzyme test showing improving functions of the liver. (Zhou LT, Yang YZ, Xu YM, Zhu QY, Zhu YR, Ge XY, Gao JD. Short term curative effect of cultured Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc. Mycelia in chronic hepatitis B. China J Chinese Materia Medica 1990;15(1):53-55)

Recharge the Protective Army of NK cells – Your body';s ability to fight infections and tumors depends on the availability of Natural Killer (NK) Cells. These are essential first lines of defense for our body';s protection mechanisms commonly known as the Immune System.

Several scientific studies of Cordyceps have especially focused on Natural Killer (NK) cells and Cordyceps effect on them and cancer formation. One such in-vitro study demonstrated Cordycep adding significant enhancement of NK cell activity in normal individuals as well as leukemia stricken individuals. (Liu C, Lu S, Ji MR, Xie Y. effects of Cordyceps Sinensis on in-vitro natural killer cells. Chinese J Integrated Traditional Western Med (Chung-Kuo Chung His I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih) 1992;12(5):267-269) showed that natural Cordyceps enhanced the NK cell activity of normal patients by 74% and increased the NK activity of leukemia patients by 400% and similar improvements of NK cell activities was found in big melanoma cancer (Xu RH, Peng XE, Chen GZ, Chen GL. Effects of Cordyceps Sinensis on natural killer activity and colony formation of B16 melanoma. Chinese Med J 1992;105(2):97-101)

The improvements in the Immune System were so impressive that Dr. Zhu at the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 1998 stated: "Because of the above profound influence on immune functions, natural Cordyceps products have been used in many clinical conditions in patients with altered immune functions."

ANTIAGING – The First Anti-Aging Supplement Known to Mankind

IMMUNE SYSTEM – Increases NK cell activity, makes more MUSCLE – Increases Power, builds better/younger cells.

ENDURANCE & STAMINA - Reduces muscle Soreness, Enhances Recovery, Promotes Better Oxygen efficiency, Improves

HORMONES – Adrenal Thymus, Mitochondrial energy, support lung disease.

BLOOD CELLS – Improves Blood Cell Viability & Function.

LIVER – Improves Liver Functions, helps with Hepatitis and Cirrhosis.

GENETIC – Promotes DNA Repair.

FITNESS – Increases ATP Synthesis, Promotes Faster Energy Recovery, Reduces Fatigue, Improves Physical Function, Provides More Stamina.

SEXUAL FUNCTIONS – Improves Libido and Quality of Life in Men & Women, Fights infertility, Increases Sperm Count, Increases Sperm Survival.

Athletes Special: Add Turbo Fuel to your strength & Endurance for a competitive edge! Don';t be fooled by many athletic performance drinks, such as Gatorade, only offer electrolytes or carbohydrates.


Turbo Charge Every Cell in your Body with "Performance SpecialistTm"

The fuel that you burn which gives your body the power to move its muscles is called Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (or ATP). This fundamental molecule is found in every cell of every muscle, including the heart, DNA & RNA, and blood. ATP Must Be Present and Must Be Properly Available in Order for You to be Alive! In your daily activities, or when handling stress, and when engaging in any athletic endeavor, ATP is crucial to your energy maintenance as well as your ability to recover from stress, injury, and disease.

The Question: If ATP is the source of all energy and therefore of life itself, what is the most important building block in the creation and synthesis of ATP?

The Answer: Ribose!

1. Ribose is Essential to ATP synthesis creation. Research by Dr. Hellsten that results shows "Ribose supplements often one week of intensive training leads to enhanced rate of Re-Synthesis of ATP" suggesting that the availability of Ribose in the muscle is a limiting factor for the rate of re-synthesis of ATP". (Hellsten Y, et al. J Appl Physiol, 2003)

2. Ribose Increases Muscle Recovery. Research in our skeletal muscle salvage and recovery by Dr. Brault show that the "addition of RIBOSE to the perfusion medium increased salvage of Ademines HypoYanthine (essential ansynes in muscle) up to 600%. (Brault JJ, RL Terjung. J Appl Physiol, 91:231-238, 2001) Confirmed by Dr. Wagner et.al. Research that "post exertion muscle stiffness and cramps disappeared almost completely…suggest that Ribose may serve as an energy source" (Wagner DR, Gresser U, Zollner N. Ann Nutr Metab 1991;35(5):297-302).

3. Ribose Enhances strength and Endurance. Research by Dr. Van Gammereu revealed after 4 weeks of training that RIBOSE supplement group improved 88.2% more in gain of strength than control placebo group and muscle endurance was improved with RIBOSE supplements of 63.3% more than placebo control group. The researches concluded "Thus, supplementation with Ribose for 4 weeks may result in significant increases in muscular strength and endurance". (Dr. Van Gammereu, D Falk, J Antonio. Cur Therapeut Res, 63(8):486-495. 2002.)

4. Ribose Increases Power Output. In a double-blind placebo controlled excellent clinical study performed by Dr. Hellstein et. al. proved that RIBOSE supplements taken led to a 188% higher gain in total power outputs following 7 days of high intensity training. (Dr. Hellstein et. al. J Appl Physiol, 2003).

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