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The Track and Field world was shocked and everyone was groping with the question of the day, "HOW?" Of course the officials were immediately talking about "illegal drugs" and careful testing. The world held it';s breath when the next day the news came out, "All drug tests for the world record athletes came back CLEAN from the IOC approved laboratory. The news of the massive world record breaking was reported by NEWSWEEK and TRACK & FIELDS. The news failed to have its intended effect of quieting down the reporters. In fact, it made it even worse. Now, they really wanted to know "The SECRET!" This all fell directly upon the shoulders of their coach, Mr. Ma Junren.

Ma Junren was over 40 years old, a failed vegetable farmer and army drop out. He decided to take an 8 month class in sports training at a local school. Soon after his graduation he landed his dream job as a track and field coach. He';d never been to college so he began to read all the training books he could get his hands on. He soon began to have some local successes. He continued to carefully develop his training program using styles and methods that nobody else had thought of. Every year, he would take his runners to the national training center the mountains of Tibet at 7500 feet for their endurance training. While there, he would mix speed work (which he relates that he learned by watching deer and ostriches) with high altitude endurance training to develop highly efficient oxygen utilization in the lungs of the athletes. He also gave them a supplement from a little known mushroom called the "Winter/Spring Mushroom."

All of his athletes took a potion made from the Chinese Cordyceps mushroom, also called "Winter/Spring Caterpillar Fungus." The Cordyceps Mushroom is a completely natural herb and is certified free of harmful substances. This highly prized mushroom was only available in the early months of spring when it was harvestable from the high mountains in Tibet. This is the first time the world has heard of this powerful ancient Chinese secret to TOP PERFORMANCE. (Reference: Ma JR. Dietary secret: Cooking hen with Cordyceps. World Journal (U.S. issue; Saturday Oct 25), 1997:B12.)

"Performance SpecialistTm" is the Secret!

CORDYCEPS – The mushroom of world records
Cordyceps mushrooms come from the small Southwestern regions of China in Tibet, Nepal and nearby provinces in the high Himalayas. The altitude extremes, (over 11,000 feet) together with the isolated and severe habitats made the natural gathering and harvest of this amazing mushroom rare, difficult and very expensive. Available only to the Chinese Emperors and the very wealthy for over 5,000 years, it is prized as the most expensive herb in the world.
It is more costly then gold itself depending on its quality. Prices varied from $1,000 to $10,000 per kilo. The first written record appeared in pharmacology books around 250 years ago by the Qing Dynasty (1757 AD) around the birth of United States of America. The traditional Chinese doctors would use Cordyceps mushroom to energize, improve health, and treat many ailments that was classified as "Life Extender", Thereby, easily designated as the first anti-aging supplement in history to be enjoyed in royal courts by the Kings and Queens of ancient dynasties. Originally the mushroom grew on the body of a winter caterpillar where it lived six inches under ground. By spring the caterpillar would leave its hard shell behind and the mushroom would sprout from the ground just in time for harvesting.

Modern Technological Breakthrough On Ancient Secrets

Recent Press Release of startling news that a specially cultivated and processed cordycep mushroom produced in United States under very careful organic conditions without danger of heavy metals, pesticide, and deadly solvents which can occur from wild harvest, has been independently analyzed by US laboratories to be more potent than the best wild harvest cordyceps from China. (see HPLC Laboratory results).

Facts of Life are obvious – World records bring notoriety and fame - which bring greater demand - which drives up the price - which – brings over harvesting - fake and lower quality products floods the market - which ruins the reputation of a perfectly wonderful natural supplement. Nearly two years ago Nepal and Tibet have restricted the harvest of wild cordyceps, and since that time we have seen shortages in the markets, loss of quality, and steep price hikes on cordyceps.

Unique Scientific Breakthroughs Revealed here !

Yes, the scientific research paper is being written as this is going to press, with a little luck the peer review journal publication of these awesome breakthroughs will be available sometime late summer/fall of 2003. You heard it FIRST – Right here!

1. Genetic Breakthrough – An entirely new species of cordyceps using a very advanced and unique method to hybridize cordyceps by successfully cross-breeding two entirely different species. Using the best possible wild strain of cordyceps sinensis found at 21,000 feet elevation on the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas where this particular plant was growing that gave the best quality active ingredients and he cross bred to an entirely different species from the bamboo forest lowland of eastern china named Cordyceps Sobolifera.

Eureka! Out came this new wonderful species of cordyceps that produces a pure and active compound that everyone wants it, searches for it, but can';t find it , called Hydroxyl Ethyl Adenosine (HEA). This is the natural active compound that gives the successful performance powerhouse. HEA is so unique and rare that scientists so far have not been able to find another natural source anywhere else in nature.

2. HEA and Cordycepin Analog Processing – After literally thousands of laboratory hours researching the growing conditions as well as the processing "Aging" of the mushroom so as to enhance and increase the highest possible concentration of HEA and Cordycepin - the two active ingredients most sought after worldwide.

Even the growing medium and process is unique. This new organic growing methods produce a pure 100% cordyceps mushroom product with no foreign contamination of any kind, even the wild harvest has soil and other organic remains, and 1500% higher HEA and cordycepin than the best wild collected samples.


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Performance SpecialistTm

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