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Order Sea Energy
Sea Energy made from sea vegetation which is highly absorbable by the body

Sea Energy
The Health Drink Made From High Potency Sea Vegetation!
Find out what's SO SPECIAL to Your Body about these Sea Vitamins & Minerals!

Sea Energy for maximum nutrition, natural organic minerals & vitamin supply Our Sea Energy product is the world's GREATEST natural product for reinforcing our Immune System by having every single needed Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme and Amino Acid that we need for proper health. In short, it comes to the aid of our Immune System and does so in a big way and the components are in such a form as to be fully assimilable by our bodies. Unlike most forms of supplements, this product goes to work immediately and is more usable by our bodies than any other product you can buy today. You should be drinking one to three ounces a day at the least.
The only statistic you should want to be is one that does not come down with one or more of these frightening diseases so prevelant today. Drink your Sea Energy daily! Daily vitamin pills are a BIG waste in comparsion!

The Ultimate in Liquid Nutrition
Sea Energy comes in a 32 ounce bottle which is a one month's supply and has a tasty natural Black Cherry flavor (Black Cherry IS one of the ingredients). Its liquid AND because of its specialized source of ingredients, its highly and quickly absorbed by the body. If you are presently taking pills, be aware pills are hard for the body to absorb. Most of the vitamin pills we take pass through the body and into the toilet without being absorbed. 90% of the vitamins & mineral pills you take go down the toilet! That means Its the same as flushing $90 of every $100 you pay for vitamins & mineral pills down the toilet! Sea Energy is designed to offer immediate absorption and has a 98% absorption rate. Its supplies the nutrients Your body NEEDS! Keep reading to see why Sea Energy is so absorbable!

Recent university and government studies show that mineral deficiency is a major factor in most serious illness. By keeping your body fortified with minerals you can provide a defense against many physical and mental disorders.

The minerals in Sea Energy will aid in: Bone Health ... Headache Prevention ... Heart Health ... Blood Pressure ... Premenstrual Syndrome ... Brain Health & Mental Efficiency

Sea Energy contains high levels of 52 key organic minerals, 13 vitamins, 22 amino acids, and over 40 trace elements! All ingredients are obtained from natural, oxygen-rich, living sources. Sea Energy combines the synergy of mineral rich sea vegetation and the healing power of Aloe Vera. The wide range of nutrients help balance the body's individual chemistry, creating health and peace of mind. Sea Energy obtains its ingredients from vital, living sources, uniting mineral rich sea vegetation, with the oxygen rich healing power of pure Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is the most oxygenating botanical known, and oxygen is the key to disease prevention and cellular health. Pau d'Arco is added to strengthen the immune system. Ginkgo Biloba promotes circulation in the heart, brain and extremities, improving memory and promoting mental clarity and mental efficiency. Black Cherry concentrate helps build the blood and promotes healthy joints.
What SEA ENERGY contains and why:

> Provides high levels of 52 assimable organic minerals, 13 vitamins and 22 amino acids for helping strengthen the endocrine system, while balancing the MIND. Combined with the power of herbs, Sea Energy is the world's GREATEST natural product for reinforcing our Immune System!!

Sea Energy contains Sea Vegetation and Herbs:

SEA VEGETATION - What's so special about sea vegetation?
First of all, did you know Sea vegetation is far superior to Land vegetation?!!
The 12 different types of sea vegetation used in Sea Energy gives every vitamin and mineral known to man. The nutrients in Sea Energy are recognized by the body. This makes Sea Energy "acceptable" and highly absorbable by the body! Did You know our bodies are not only composed of 70% water, BUT SALT-Water. Our bodies are composed of the SAME salt water contained in the ocean with the same chemical portion where this sea vegetation is harvested. Because of this Nutrients in sea vegetation are recognized by the body and allowed access into our cells!

> Aloe Vera is the most oxygen rich plant known to man! Oxygen rich cells are un-attractive to diseases & viruses. Sea Energy oxygenates at the cell level and increases the available oxygen to the cells. The "lack" of celluar oxygen causes cancer to flourish. Cancer cannot flourish in an OXYGEN RICH environment! Sea Energy can help prevent the formation of tumors and cancer!
> Also by oxygenating our bodies you have the power to resist diseases, overcome fatigue! Revitalizes the body as it detoxifies and repairs cells. Aloe is often used to treat burns, skin ulcers, and peptic ulcers because it promotes cell regeneration.
> Aloe is also used to help prevent disease, reduce inflammation, and enhance the immune system.
> It is anti-viral, anti- fungal, and anti-bacterial.
> Helps digestion, nutritionally fights aging, helps people deal with unwanted weight.

> Its an immune system regenerator.
> This herb has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
> Pau d'Arco is used for strength and vigor, to treat all kinds of infections and reduce tumors.
> It helps purify the blood, and strengthen the liver.

> It helps improve blood circulation to the heart, brain and extremities, clarifies the mind, improves mental efficiency, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients in the foods you eat..
> Ginkgo is an herb known as the "BRAIN SAVER". The active flavanoid ingredient is a powerful protector and antioxidant increasing blood flow and reducing vascular inflammation. A double blind human research shows that Ginkgo Biloba was safe and efficacious in treatments of Alzheimer and multi-infarct dementia also improved cognition, improves memory and mental sharpness and prevention of strokes. The combined ingredients makes it an herbal brain enhancer.

> Provides a high concentration of vitamin C.
> Its elements cleanse the kidneys, bladder, and prostate.
> Helps maintain a healthy urinary tract.
> Helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.

> Strengthens the kidney, promotes healthy joints, and prevents gout.
> A beauty aid for lustrous skin.

> Sea Energy also Contains Sodium Alginate which reduces the body's absorption of radioactive Strontium 90 and other heavy metals.
> One ounce of Sea Energy daily will help remove Strontium 90 from your body, which comes from computer monitors, TV and radiation fall out from the atmosphere.

Many taking Sea Energy lose weight or experience weight normalization. We crave excess food because our bodies aren't getting the nutrients our bodies need. Sea Energy brings vital nutrients to the cells that regular food does not, resulting in weight loss.

Start with Sea Energy NOW! Boost Your Immune System! Boost Your Energy Levels! Boost Your Brain Health & Efficiency! Get Complete Vitamins & Minerals! Get the Ultimate in Liquid Nutrition without wasting money & time on vitamin pills! Enjoy the MANY, MANY other benefits you see listed below the year round! Use the special e-coupon codes you see on this page and SAVE MONEY on your purchase!

The POWER Max version of Sea Energy which is 3 times concentration of the same great Sea Energy formula designed for High Performance lifestyles. Athletes particularly enjoy our professional strength product. Individuals with health challenges may benefit faster from the extra- strength of POWER MAX.
Both versions are available on the Order Page.

Let Sea Energy Be Your Solution Today!

Start cleansing and nourishing your body with the amazing SEA ENERGY!

Strengthen Your Immune System - FIGHT Off Cold & Flu viruses !!
Complete Supply of Every Vitamin & Mineral Needed by the Body
Improved Digestion
Natural Weight Loss by Normalizing Your Weight
Cleansing of Your Vital Organs
Improves Your Digestion & Absorption of Food
Improves Elimination of Waste
Purifies Your Blood and Lymphatic System
Removes Toxins From Your Body
Nourishes Your Body at the Cellular Level
Oxygenates Your Body's Cells
Increased Energy / Stamina Improves Memory
Retards Aging Process
Clearer Thinking, Herbal Brain Enhancer
Circulation Improvement
Protects Your Tissues and Cells Against Toxins & Free Radicals
Reduces Risk of Environmental Pollution

Order a Bottle or Two Today! You OWE it to Yourself to try this formula! You are actually "punishing" Your body unnecessarily without it!
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