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The Hindrances to Great Sex

After this product has restored your body to its sexual peak, there still may be hindrances to your sexual performances and enjoyment. Sex is physical as well as psychological: Don't ignore either part! I will be addressing men & women. So take notes for your mate and apply these sex hints. The mind is now the next biggest factor in your sexual pleasures. There is a startling statistic that 47% of women have NEVER had an orgasm! Here are some factors you and your partner should consider:

    The anxiety issue.
  • When preparing for sex, forget about "EVERYTHING" else. All problems, all worries, clear your mind of, and ask your mate to do the same.
    Anger toward the other mate.
  • Some women have the problem of not telling their man what's bothering them. And men if you are angry at your woman, that can lead to poor performance. Try to resolve these problems. After its all over, I've heard that the best love is made while making up!
    Pressure to perform.
  • Pressure to perform can do more damage to a relationship. Men are most guilt of this. It generally ends with poor performance and no enjoyment. To the women: Men DO have a fear. And that fear is a failure to perform sexually. So women make him feel good about himself, make him feel masculine, and sexy and in charge. You will get more action! This pressure to perform can also drive you further apart in your relationship. Be considerate to one another.
    Disgust toward sex.
  • From a person's background, she or he may have been told that sex is dirty, that sex is bad, that sex is wrong. Maybe that person has had a bad sexual experience in their past that they have never told you about. These things need to be talked about and brought out in the open so healing can begin. When God created man & women, He created sex and the pleasure of sex. Sex is for our enjoyment. Until the mate gets that clear in their mind, this can be a hinderance.
    You Don't like your body
  • I find this is mostly a women's problem. Some of the most beautiful women you ever want to see, find fault with their bodies. So women, think of it this way. If you got your man with that body it must be OK. If he's "still" there, it must be OK! What women don't realize about men is that looks are of primary importance in hooking your man. Keeping him hooked goes way beyond looks. Having said all that, still exercise and eat right!
    You and/or your mate don't know what you are doing!
  • Just like you need to study and learn math, science, computers in order to be good at them, you must study and learn about sex and your body and your mate's body. There are books and tapes available that teach and show everything from the variety of sexual positions to being an oral sex expert, to foreplay tips. Speaking of foreplay, most women need and enjoy it. Men enjoy it also. So its good to learn how to sexually excite a woman prior to intercourse. Be sure your partner agrees to try these new techniques you've learned! It can be fun for both of you in trying new positions & techniques. Men, become an expert in pleasuring your mate (read, study, watch, practice) at bringing her to orgasm. She'll turn into a sex addict, AND she'll treat you like a king!

Other factors that are often overlooked:

  • Remember when you were dating as girlfriend and boyfriend, how much time you took in getting ready to meet him or her? You showered, brushed your teeth, gargled, made sure your hair was looking good, put on some sexy perfume or cologne, put on something sexy you think he or she would like. Are those days over? A MAJOR complaint mates have why they stopped having sex, can do without it, or don't enjoy it anymore is BAD BREATH & BODY ODOR of their mate! The other area is you stopped taking care of your appearance. Put on some make-up, lipstick, nice dress or outfit, fix your hair EVEN if you are not going out. The same for men, stop going around looking like a slob! Your mate might not want to tell you these things, or have told you, but you didn't catch the hint. Herbal Sensation is a great product, but if these barriers are standing in the way, of course sexual desire and turn-on is going to be hindered. Make sure these are not standing in the way to a great sex life.
    If mild hints don't seem to work, try stonger hints. IF you are in a sexy mood, ask him or her to take a shower "with you". IF its a teeth problem, buy a fancy toothbrush and tell him "I found these fancy toothbrushes one for me and one for you. Try it out and let me know what you think." Its good if they go for it. Its also good if it leads to further "peaceful" discussion about their hygiene. Be creative. If you know your mate you have an idea of what might anger them and what will not.
  • Exercise and workout. Try it unless your doctor recommends against it. Exercise makes you feel better. Working out used to be considered a "man's" thing. Now you see equal numbers of women and men riding bikes, jogging, and in the gym. It gives you more energy. Excercise will increase your stamina. And of course that increased stamina will allow you to have longer more intense sex. For women, exercise will increase blood flow to the vagina area, which increases your sensations and could improve orgasms.
  • Eat healthy. What you are eating can effect your sexual ability and your desire.
  • For Women: Are you "bitchy"?
    Contrary to what some women think, men are not automatic sex machines. It is in a man's make-up to desire some sense of respect from his woman. Women must understand that is part of a man's nature. If you bitch at a man morning, noon and night, then wonder why he can't get an erection. You killed it! You are the "impotence maker". Watch yourself. Be conscious of what you are doing. Learn how to talk respectful, and with a tone of respect toward him. This also goes for anyone else you are talking to. You will find you will get further and more out of the people you have to deal with. In regards to your man, all the "bitching" hasn't really accomplished very much except to make a problem even bigger, driving the both of you further apart, and ruining a night of sex.

    With your body restored with 100% Herbal Sensation, with your mind together with these sex hints, there is no stopping mind blowing, off the scale SEX!

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Disclaimer - The writer of this article used several knowledge sources plus experience in preparing the above article. The writer makes no claims to be an expert or PHD. If any of the above might jepordize your marriage or relationship or cause harm in any way, don't try them. Use good judgement. The writer assumes no responsibility for your actions.