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the Heart of Garlic - NO other garlic product has any Allicin!

Having MS and having No effective immune system, I am certain that taking the allicin garlic capsules over the past winter months has helped to protect me from colds and flu. I am pleased to inform you therefore, that alli-c with 100% allicin will be a definite part of my future daily intake. Thank you so much!
I have been taking the allicin capsules you sent me recently and would like to say how much better my Hay Fever symptoms are. It was after just a couple of days that I noticed the difference.
I have suffered with ulcerative colitis and related intestinal disorders since I had an accident several years ago. At best, I was able to "manage" my illness through diet and certain healing herbs.

Within a few weeks of drinking Sea Energy, I started to feel better. When I was given some Alli-C to try, I noticed within a few days that there was a marked improvement in my condition.

I am now pain free for the first time in 3 years and can eat virtually anything I want. After living for so long with varying degrees of pain, I am overjoyed that I was introduced to this wonderful product line.

I am SO JAZZED to be feeling really well again...I have found my career path as well!
Marilynn S
Second day my eyes were completely clear. I was so impressed that I have told friends and work colleagues about allicin, as my myself, after taking them for two days, after going to the doctors, and what was prescribed for me was to no avail. As soon as friends mention they've got a pain or sniffle, they're all quite keen to try anything, and I think they to have been very surprised at the results.
M. Francis
"After 3 days, my sinuses that have plagued me for years, cleared up. I can breath!! Also, after a couple of weeks, I felt a sore throat coming on, so instead of taking one capsule in the morning, I also took a capsule of Alli-C at about 2:00 in the afternoon. By evening, the sore throat was gone! I love this stuff."
Phil S.
"I believe that Alli-C is the reason I did not get any cold or flu viruses during the holidays. I had several visitors who were infected, and they shared their germs generously in my house, but we sailed right through with no problems!"
J. Sample
From the Double Blind Study Performed by the Garlic Information Center in the UK:
  • Have been well over the last 90 days. Although at times, felt I had a cold coming on, it never developed. - SCR/014
  • I must have been really lucky not to suffer even a cold in 3 months! - S153/11
  • Finished capsules and no colds or side effects, feel excellent. - S157/11
  • Overall less colds in the time I have been taking this supplement - let's hope its not the placebo! - S121/11
  • Apart from a cold at the beginning of the course, I have only slight colds. All my colleagues and family had to take time off work! - M020/11
  • For the past two weeks 80% of the workforce had colds. I was not affected. - S164/11
  • I have not contracted a cold although I have been in contact with numerous people with one. - S107/11
  • I work in a large office of 60 people and colds and flu have been raging recently...but I have not had so much as a sniffle. - S135/11
  • Thank you for keeping me flu free this winter. - S040/11
  • Considering the cold, wet weather I feel the garlic has been a good help. Hair and skin have improved and I also haven't had trouble with my sinuses. All in all, I feel very well. - S057/11
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Highly concentrated "Healthy Water". Add some to your favorite bottled water and drink "health"!

Within a few months of taking M-Water every day, I noticed substantial reduction of pain due to fibromyalgia. My physical energy went up and all other symptoms simply disappeared.

Richard T.
55 Year Old Male
Fibromyalgia for 20 Years
After drinking M-Water for a few weeks, our granddaughter stopped having colic with constant crying, my wife finally like drinking water every day for the fist time and we both lost 10 pounds without trying to diet.

Kari W.
55 Year Old Male - reporting on his family
from Queensland, Australia
I have more physical energy, I am more patient with people, and I am not chronically constipated anymore. I feel better in one week of drinking M-Water than I have in many years!

Judy R.
61 Year Old Female
Feels Better Now than in Years
After drinking M-Water for a few days I noticed that I had much more physical energy and needed less sleep. I also notice that I am much happier and feel more in harmony with day to day events and the world around me.

Brian D.
24 Year Old Male
General Health Improvement

Pete Petrone
51 Year Old Man
Nationally Recognized Body Builder

One Day Diet
NOT a Fad Diet! A diet you can stay with and finally be successful in losing weight!

"I was 'growing' daily and I didn't know how to stop. I figured that at the rate I was growing, I wouldn't fit through the front door in about 5 years. I had gone up to 296 lbs I tried almost every diet out there and failed them all. I failed Nutri-Systems and it cost me over $1,000 to join and $70 per week only to gain 20 lbs. I failed Over-Eaters Anonymous and Weight Watchers and I lost count of how many different times I started Slimfast, hoping this time it was going to work."

"When all these and more failed, I then decided to create my own diet… 'fasting'. When I almost killed myself, that's when I decided to never diet again and that's when I started growing again. Then, I was introduced to "One Day Diet" . I didn't want to try the diet. It took my friend three phone calls to talk me into trying the diet, and needless to say, 82 lbs. And 7 dress sizes later I thank God everyday that he never gave up on me, and for sharing with me the BEST DIET IN THE WORLD!"
Elizabeth Y., CA
"A friend told me about "One Day Diet" I was able to lose 23 lbs. In 5 weeks! It worked for me. I failed other diets because I just couldn't stay with it"
RJ Mission Veijo, CA
"My first 5 weeks on "One Day Diet" I lost 17 lbs.! My husband lost about 12 lbs. The 1st week and now he's lost about 35 lbs. "One Day Diet" is the easiest diet I ever did. I feel so good!"
Joan R., New Jersey
"In 6 weeks I lost 30 lbs.! I didn't feel hungry. I've tried all other diets and you know, you can only stick to them for a little while."
Jim B., Orange County, CA
"I've never had so much energy in all my life, using this plan! With "One Day Diet" I lost 7 lbs. In 7 days and snack on the Shape-lettes on my food days, too. "
Christina J.
"My husband and I went out on last Thursday and Friday and in 2 days moved of $700 worth of this diet product! I've lost 15 lbs. in 1 month I feel better on my diet day than I do on my food day."
Shirley M., Memphis TN
"I am an emotional eater. I had heard with "One Day Diet" you wouldn't gain weight back. So I thought, I'm going to put this thing to the real test. I lost 17 lbs. in 10 days! … You can try and gain it back but you won't."
Julie R., East Coast

Sea Energy
Health from the Sea! Liquid organic vitamins & minerals from sea vegetation that's highly potent and 98% absorbable by your body (pills are as low as 10% absorbable)!

"I just have to tell you that Sea Energy for me has been a story of how to lose weight without even trying. I started taking 1 ounce of Sea Energy everyday about 8 weeks ago. My intent was to add a mineral supplement to my regular regime of vitamins and herbal supplements. I was completely shocked when I stepped on the scale last week, and I discovered I had lost 16 pounds! This was without changing my eating habits and no other change in my diet or lifestyle. In fact, I did not even know that Sea Energy would help me loose weight. I have not been able to get my weight below 190 in over 14 years, but today I am 188 and have more energy that I can ever remember having. I’ve got to tell you I am more than amazed---I am astounded, and thankful."
Jonathan P. CA
"I feel compelled to jot down a testimonial for Sea Energy, and I do so, gratefully, for it’s changed my life. In 1984, I was diagnosed with systemic Lupus, in my case a severe autoimmune deficiency disorder that rendered me quite helpless from opportunistic infections, and in plain terms I was just sick all the time. After 3 months on Sea Energy I’ve spontaneously lost 13 pounds, rejoined the work force in a challenging position at a local hospital, where I so often had been a patient. Now, I enjoy renewed excellent health, a true miracle in itself. So, a hearty “Bravo” to Sea Energy."
Elizabeth B. CA
"It was quite some time ago I first heard of Sea Energy from a mutual friend. About two months ago I was feeling tired, listless and no energy. He brought a bottle for me to try. WOW after approximately 15 minutes I felt energized and I was definitely impressed. I started taking it daily and the change in me is truly amazing. Some of the benefits I have experienced: my hands and feet do not swell, more restful sleep, I feel more alive and can exercise more strenuously at aerobics and not get out of breath."
Ruth S. CA
"I have Crohn’s Disease, which affects the intestinal track, colon, liver and other major organs. I’m on 15 different medications and have been very lifeless. With your product it has most definitely given me more energy and I now have a will to live. A real turn around in my physical and mental health. Thanks, I feel like a new person."
Jean C. CA
"At one time I was on Prozac, I have taken myself off Prozac and with 3 ounces of Sea Energy a day I am able to deal with events as they come up. I don’t “stress out” like I would have in the past. I have finally found something that works and is healthy! I can’t emphasize enough the importance of just “feeling good”. Appreciate what you have."
Carole O. CA
"I work out four to five hours a day in my Tackwando school. I use Sea Energy and I don't allow anything but the best products in my school. Trust Sea Energy."
Dave Lovett, CA
"I am a stunt double and stunt coordinate for the top action stars in Hollywood. Sea Energy
helps me get through my demanding work schedule and still gives me added boost so I can do my work out after work. Sea Energy provides all this without caffeine, artificial stimulants or stimulating herbs."
Mark D. CA

Business Opportunity

"I started making money quickly. I found that the system is set-up in such a manner that others have a financial reason to help me."
John B.
"The idea that we work together as a team and that I didn't have to do it alone was what initially sold me on the system."
Donna T.
"Even though I'm very busy, this system works for me because it is fully automated, and I always wanted to have my own international business."
Chuck C.
"Several of my associates received a check their very first month, and weren't expecting one."
Keith F.
"I made 10 times more my first month with this company than I did with a previous business."
Ron M.
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